High performance aluminum alloy cable is expected to open a new era

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] High performance aluminum alloy cable is expected to open a new era zhdljyw P for a long time, because of its excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, copper cable market is 'leading role'. In cable industry accounted for by the copper with copper content % above in China. But the status quo of Chinese copper resources, slump in copper prices shoot up high and the risks to market for new alternatives. In recent years, aluminum, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel cable and other products has been emerging, but due to reasons such as performance, recycling makes its application is restricted, cannot shake the status of copper core. Has excess capacity, increasingly fierce competition of the cable manufacturing enterprises are eager to find the high technical content, performance of the high price of new material to replace the copper cable. Nearly two years rise gradually in the domestic aluminum alloy cable to change all that. Compared with copper cable, its security and load flow, electrical conductivity and safety, conductor resistance rate, especially the amount of intercepting completely equal or even better than the traditional copper cable, made up for hard pure aluminium as many deficiencies of cable conductors, to solve the aluminum alloy cable in security properties, electrical properties, mechanical properties of major technical problems. In addition to superior performance, cost advantage also let more and more people begin to put attention to the aluminum alloy cable. It is reported, as the main part of power cable conductor, in low voltage power cables of cable % ~ % of the cost of raw materials. With the improvement of transmission technology and the development of power transmission and transformation line, aluminum alloy conductor is more and more shows its superiority, in the long distance, large span, ultra-high voltage transmission, monopoly advantage. At present, Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries has been widely adopted, transmission lines in the United States and France almost % above use aluminum alloy conductor, Japan has more than %, the utilization rate of our country is low, far less than the requirements of the development. Future aluminum alloy conductor cable as the supply of copper core power cables parallel market, in the city network construction and retrofit can replace copper power cable, in addition, the speeding up of urbanization, also can bring a huge demand of wire and cable. Coupled with the need of power grid construction, make the aluminum alloy cable market space is huge.
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