Last for six months on scrutiny 'cable' discount is what kind of cable?

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Last for six months on scrutiny 'cable' discount is what kind of cable? C P recently, the market supervision administration promulgated the implementation of key industrial product quality and safety rectification notice, this month, the last six months, from the month, to the high risk, such as wire and cable may be regional, industry, and systemic quality safety problems of industrial products group to carry out the rectification of all over the country. Which mentioned that focus on 'discount' cable problem. Discount cable a serious threat to people's life and property security, shopping malls, such as building fires are is because of the discount cable, in these cases, remind us about discount cables. Don't covet is cheap and discounted cable of choose and buy! Discount on wire and cable products quality problem is mainly manifested in the following aspects:, discounts the tensile strength, thickness of the insulation of wire and cable and flame retardant can not meet the requirements, some manufacturers from recycled plastic or add more filling material to reduce the cost. Reworked material per ton and qualified PVC plastic powder sent nearly yuan, but the reworked material impurity content is high, the low mechanical strength, ageing resistance and electrical insulation performance is poor; Followed by the 'quantity', outsourcing insulating layer thickness is not enough, insulation effect, of course, will also be greatly reduced. Both will directly result in wire and cable prone to short circuit and leakage phenomenon. And products, insulation sheath ageing before tensile strength index is unqualified, easy to get an electric shock risk, threat to security of person. , discounts wire and cable core material unqualified material, copper conductor of the wire cost % %, and manufacturers use is renewable copper, shoddy to the copper conductor. According to the national standard, wire and cable products should be used with copper conductor of copper content. % above electrician with copper. At present high quality copper price as high as more than yuan per ton, so bad manufacturer by using low prices to reclaim the impurities of copper, copper, copper smelting method, even the content of copper is extremely stable, lead to a huge increase in the resistivity of copper conductors. Such as wire and cable conductor resistance index of unqualified products direct consequences, is in the process of use due to overheating damage conductor insulation plastic, cause short circuit and cause a fire, conductor resistance is too large will waste a lot of electrical energy directly. Discounted, wire and cable length is not up to standard, the standard is one hundred meters, mostly meters and discount line. Some wire measured length less than m, nominal total length of m. So, kui cable, cable discount? Qualified? Had authority made a authoritative explanation, for details, please click here to read: 'the authorities rumours: loss of cable, does not represent is unqualified, in accordance with the above conclusion, the current in the cable industry is relatively common dc resistance of qualified, but the actual line core diameter is less than the nominal diameter or actual cross section is smaller than the phenomenon of nominal section, it is to meet the requirements of product standards. Cable is unqualified, isn't it the cross-sectional area of the decision, but resistance. Read on: how to identify 'non-standard' cable? 。 To see whether the quality system certification; Whether certification specifications; For producer name and address, JianYanZhang, date of production; To see whether a trademark on the wire, specifications, voltage, etc. Also look at copper wire cross-sectional, classy article copper color brightness, colour and lustre downy, otherwise it is defective. 。 Try to preferable a wire head bent repeatedly with the hand, all soft, good fatigue strength, plastic or rubber elasticity and feel no cracks on wire insulation is classy article. 。 According to the weight. Good quality wires, generally within the prescribed scope of weight. Such as commonly used cross-sectional area for. Mm plastic insulation sheet copper core, m weight for each. ~。 公斤; 。 Mm plastic insulation sheet copper core, each ~ m weight. 公斤; 。 Mm plastic insulation sheet copper core, m weight for each. ~。 Kg, etc. Weight shortage, poor quality of the wire or length is not enough, or too many wire and copper impurities. 。 Than the price because of fake and shoddy wire production costs low, therefore, traders in sales, often under the guise of a low price and competitive prices continues to boost sales, make people fall for it. 。 See qualified copper wire and copper should be purple copper, luster, feel soft. And and inferior copper wire copper core for violet black, yellow or white, impurities, poor mechanical strength, toughness, and hold that could break, and wire inside often break phenomenon. Check, you as long as a head of the wire strip away the cm, and then with a piece of white paper on the copper core rub slightly, if have black on white paper material, impurities in copper core more.
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