How much do you know small rubber material automatic dispensing equipment?

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] How much do you know small rubber material automatic dispensing equipment? Joyu P small rubber material automatic dispensing equipment popular known as the 'small automatic batching material weighing system', zhongyu 'small automatic batching material weighing system' is developed in order to improve the rubber industry labor productivity, ensure product quality stability, solve the environment pollution, terminate the ingredients work personnel heavy manual labor. It is a kind of electromechanical integration equipment. Most ingredients by artificial, man-made factors the influence to the stability of product quality. Small automatic batching material weighing system will be different powder according to a certain amount of mixing ratio is Shared by production in many industries, is the source of every industry production process, quality ingredients and product quality directly affects the downstream process. Rubber industry in rubber mixing process requires a variety of chemicals for textiles, Commonly known as pinky material) , these materials are mainly promoting agents, zinc oxide, light magnesium oxide and stabilizer, antiscorching agent, calcium carbonate, resin and so on dozens of powder. Terms of the accurate formula of pinky, weighing ingredients is the key link of product quality, the powder proportioning accuracy in grams (often g) As a unit for weighing ingredients. With the continuous development of industrial automation, automatic powder system to replace artificial weighing ingredients has become the need of The Times.
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