Wire and cable use erroneous zone

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Wire and cable used error knifeqiao P this is quite a number of users and even some enterprises use wires on the common errors exist some users in order to save money to ignore security only pick those prices low quality did not assure accidents of inferior cable I know especially and the security of wire and cable and 咜 factors caused the price of wire and cable can't meet the requirements of some users and some of the private enterprises in such aspects as material production process testing means are unable to satisfy the requirement of national standard manufacturing wire and cable 咜 security will not be able to secure and less in the short feet make an issue of meters for its low price is the market to cater to some users so please users don't covet price cheap wire and cable 2 wires improper modelling some requirements of the users for their own electrical appliances environment conditions insufficient understanding on the scope of application of wire and cable type requirement performance does not always choose the wrong types such as: a steel plant in front of the furnace slag vehicle 咜 motivation will furnace temperature as high as before by an electric motor ℃ ~ ℃ under the condition of in such an environment, especially with the factory in wire and cable have what special requirements in the dark and choose a generic type rubber set soft cable filling YC results using short time been seared sheath influence both the production and waste of the economy after the consultation to choose refractory flame retardant cable replacement of cable was decreased, and the economic loss to ensure the enterprise's normal production of some important department of high-rise building computing center chemical places of public entertainment He researchers focus such as occasions to use which has the function of fire flame retardant or refractory cables; Cable must be used in the coal ministry has regulations in coal mine deep well with flame retardant; There are such as elevator cable welding cable motor lead wire have special performance requirements of these special wire and cable with special requirement in the actual use of some enterprises, especially the individual enterprise is often insufficient understanding of the 咜 refused to use; Some companies ignore the coal ministry has regulations in coal mine cable used in deep well must have the requirement of the flame retardant and buy things common rubber set soft cable. Some karaoke hall staff focus on occasion to install some general electric wire electric cable does not have the function of fire cause great accident hidden danger, high voltage cable above is by the ocean instrument cable co. , LTD. Arrange for everybody about 'wire and cable use myth'. Belong to, wire and cable, use, error information. This paper addresses: HTTP / / WWW. ahyuanyang。 com/news/hyxw/。 HTML reprint please do not delete
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