Why do cable will likely to cause a fire

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Wire and cable why is easy to cause fire w P immediately to the summer also to fire season, many fires because of wire and cable overload fever caused by spontaneous combustion, so why cable will appear this kind of local heating of the spontaneous combustion phenomenon that: the power cable through a certain load current, will be hot, with the increase of load current and cable surface temperature, the higher the if not handled in time, the consequences. Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Cable, is a wire core temperature degrees for ceiling, low surface temperature will ~. So the cable surface temperature in degrees of the following basic is safe, considering from the power maintenance, the lower the temperature, the better, of course. Reasons are as follows: in the operation of the cable in fever, cable conductor resistance does not conform to the requirements, the cable in running fever phenomenon. Inappropriate, cable wide choices, the use of the conductor cross section of the cable is too small, in the operation of the overload phenomenon, after long time use, the heating and cooling of the cable have fever due to unbalanced phenomenon. Arrange too dense, cable installation, ventilation cooling effect is not good, or cable near too close to other sources of heat, affected the normal heat dissipation of the cable, may also cause cable heating phenomenon in running. , joint manufacturing technology is bad, no pressure to close, cause whenelectrified resistance is too large, also will cause the cable to produce hot phenomenon. , and cable insulation performance is bad, cause the insulation resistance is small, also can produce in the operation of the heating phenomenon. , armored cable, local sheath damage cause slow damage to insulation performance, after the water gradually reduce insulation resistance, can cause heating phenomenon in the operation of the cable. After cable heating phenomenon, if you don't find out why timely troubleshooting, continuous electric cable to continue after the operation will produce heat insulation breakdown phenomenon. Cable causing interphase short circuit trip phenomenon, serious can cause fire. Note line inspection found timely treatment in time, can effectively reduce the fire caused by wire and cable.
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