How to install mineral cable ?
How to make sure mineral cable is installed properly to get the most out of it is important for our customers. This product is manufactured to provide industry-leading performance and beauty but should be installed by following the instruction manual to ensure it works properly. Failure to install it with all of these requirements may lead to product damage. Improper installation will also void the warranty of this product, so be sure to discuss and understand the install process with Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd.service team if you have problems.

AAA is an enterprise that integrates R&D, industry, and trade. We have been engaged in offering quality aac conductor for many years. all aluminium alloy conductor is the main product of AAA . It is diverse in variety. All components of AAA aac conductor are CNC machined and finished by hand and all structures produced are fully certified to global structural safety codes. Its surface is resistant to oil resistance. It has important fabric properties to maintain thermal comfort, such as air permeability, water or moisture (steam) permeability/transport and heat transfer. The product has the advantage of excellent flexibility.

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