Current situation of the development of Chinese wire and cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Current situation of the development of Chinese wire and cable industry htdtxlqi P wire and cable industry in China s current situation of the development of century, wire and cable industry get rapid development in our country. As the world's second wire and cable production country. The development of the industry and has formed the following issues: wire and cable companies which has more than small, state-owned enterprises lost their dominant position in the industry. Years industry survey of Shanghai electric cable research institute, the national fixed-point % of the total industry production value of state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises, joint-stock cooperative enterprises, and now foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment enterprises and other emerging enterprises has been dominant in the industry. Industry product structure change. Winding wire, electrical equipment with the proportion of wire and cable, power cable, communication cable ratio increased. This change is associated with rapid development of electric power and communication industry in China, expected this trend will continue in the future. Wire and cable industry in China compared with advanced foreign enterprises, the management level, technology level and technical content, product quality, etc, and large gap, low utilization rate of equipment. China's wire and cable equipment utilization about average in %, equipment utilization of advanced countries in % is normal. Industry labor productivity is low. While since the last century s wire and cable industry in our country a large number of imported production equipment, the industry greatly improve labor productivity, but with foreign gap remains large. Such as per capita sales of wire and cable industry in China is only part of the Japanese counterparts % ~ %. Product structure is not reasonable. Wire and cable products in our country, the proportion of the low technical content is too large, and the proportion of high technical content of products is too small, the product structure is not reasonable. Materials into productivity is low. Our country enterprise in the process of production, material consumption, waste is very serious, makes into productivity is very low. Backward management, production cycle is long. China's wire and cable industry liquidity turns less than two times, far less than ~ time abroad. Scientific research is weak, the establishment of the innovation system of progress has been slow. Innovation system has not yet formed. Market awareness needs to be further strengthened. Currently GeChang industry, especially the state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises only from production orientation to marketing orientation, has yet to be market oriented. Foreign big companies spend a lot of manpower and material resources on market development, market guiding role. With the implementation of the '11th five-year' plan, wire and cable industry in China will get a better development. Especially increase the construction of infrastructure, transportation, energy, communications and the development of homes, cars, household appliances bring new development opportunities for wire and cable industry. During the period of '11th five-year plan' China's wire and cable will develop at a rate of % ~ %, annual output of power cable will reach thousands of kilometers, communications cable will reach thousands of kilometers, steel core aluminum stranded wire will reach ten thousand tons. Cleaner production to grab from the source conventional wire and cable production process pollution is quite serious; In the manufacture, use and waste treatment also can produce large amounts of toxic dioxins, lead, halogen, etc. In recent years, countries such as Europe, America and Japan to hazards associated with wire and cable, attaches great importance to the government not only to the wire and cable manufacturing process to strict limits on emissions, and implement comprehensive monitoring for scrap wire and cable processing, forcing the wire and cable manufacturers to meet the requirements of environmental protection materials to replace traditional materials, manufacturing environmental protection wires and cables, or 'cleaning and wire and cable products', 'green' wire and cable products. As China's wire and cable industry professionals, we must have a deep understanding on industry development present situation, has a better judgment about the future, in order to make wire and cable industry in China by the big teams.
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