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by:AAA     2020-12-13
【 Cable network - 】 “ In recent years, the quality supervision, inspection and quarantine cultivate electric wire electric cable quality improvement model, typical in yixing, jiangsu, anhui inaction 2 wire and cable industry gathering area, cultivate creating electric wire electric cable quality improvement demonstration project. ” On December 12, 2013, the state supervision, inspection and quarantine, deputy director of general office of FuWenBiao wuhu in the second session of Chinese wire and cable exposition and product quality summit said.

FuWenBiao released at the conference speech

FuWenBiao said that in order to promote overall level improve product quality, in 2013, the joint quality supervision, inspection and quarantine departments and industry associations, engaged in the electric wire electric cable focus on product quality improvement action and achieve good results. First, strengthen product quality state supervision and spot checks. Two of the pass of quality and safety from production source. Strictly wire and cable production license, redesign the production license of detailed rules for the implementation, further improve the conditions of safety and energy conservation, environmental protection, quality does not meet the conditions of enterprise is not permission. Three is to promote joint parties to promote the quality. Government, industry and enterprise jointly promote improve the long-term mechanism of constantly improve product quality, social recognition and support from all walks of life constantly forming quality improvement work environment. Four is to cultivate quality improve typical demonstration. In-depth summary in recent years, focus on product quality improvement work experience, fully give play to the role of guidance and typical demonstration to lead the way, in anhui, jiangsu yixing two wire and cable industry gathering area, cultivate creating electric wire electric cable quality improvement demonstration project. Fifth, establish long-term effective mechanism of quality improvement. Through several years of exploration practice, the basic set up linkage, policy traction, supervision and inspection departments, administrative law enforcement, technical support, industry self-discipline and propaganda guide long-acting mechanism with the combination of quality improvement. Six is to strengthen the quality knowledge popularization. Aqsiq writing published the first set of the knowledge on product quality and safety, consumer and further popularize knowledge of quality and safety of consumer goods in the whole society.

FuWenBiao pointed out that the practice has proved that the quality of improving active as the work is not only the quality inspection department, have the important of effective, is also the product quality supervision work ideas and methods of major change. Pooling power, enhance the grasp the effect of the quality. Through the upper and lower linkage, inside and outside the joint and common action, changed the past practice of qc to fight alone, enhancing the effect of the grasping quality. Stick to the key sticking point, to strengthen the measures to seek both temporary and permanent. Around the key product, by conducting product quality supervision and spot check, enterprise production condition check and unlicensed production inventory, blow to produce fake and shoddy, unlicensed production and sale, and deliberately avoid regulatory violations, such as solving the problem of a batch of outstanding quality. Set up the demonstration, benchmarking played a typical guide role. By cultivating quality improvement demonstration projects for quality improvement work throughout the country set up the model. Next, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine will be around to comprehensive treatment to promote quality improvement, quality improvement to promote transformation and upgrading as theme, further promote quality improvement work, to make Chinese economy dream make new efforts to update and implement quality power.

this conference by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the people's government of anhui province, China machinery industry federation, China federation of electric power enterprises, state grid corporation, China southern power grid company, economic daily, in collaboration with the Shanghai electric cable research institute.

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