Yangzhou accelerating the development of smart grid, low low low low low

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Yangzhou accelerating the development of smart grid, low low low low low xiaoye P smart grid has become the key project of the construction of Chinese wire and cable networks, and cities also entered the stage of intelligent building has yangzhou city in jiangsu province has issued relevant planning for the construction of the smart grid file. Smart grid for across the wire and cable network has very important significance, it is a kind of new industry model transformation, will also be a smart grid as the propulsion of yangzhou green new energy industry development, accelerate the strategic choice of the power equipment manufacturing industry. According to the recently passed the yangzhou smart grid industry development planning ', to the years, yangzhou smart grid industry output value will reach one hundred million yuan of above, the smart grid become our city on another level billions of industry. According to the plan, yangzhou smart grid industry development general idea is to build the smart grid industry become a pillar industry of the future industrial development, transformation of the mode of development, demonstration and show the features of regional industry. Overall aim is to: strive for the year, the smart grid industry makes billions level industry; To promote a batch of enterprises and product upgrading, foster a batch of internationally competitive enterprises, has a group of with independent intellectual property rights of core technology and key technology, innovation, a batch of well-known products at home and abroad with independent brand, built a number of distinctive industrial park. According to the development of industry of yangzhou city planning, put forward: focus on ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage cable, superconducting cable, functional special cables and special cables; Development of high voltage switchgear, intelligent switch electrical appliances; Development of power electronic primary device; Development of efficient energy storage systems and components; The development of smart meters in equal measure equipment and devices, etc. On the industrial layout, focus on planning and construction of a leading professional park demonstration garden and four characteristics. Visible, wire and cable network construction project of yangzhou is continuously perfect, it represents the communication network of yangzhou city will be more and more complete and efficient. Learn more, please click: HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/new。 asp吗? id=
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