Xinzhou directly under the public security bureau to detect series power theft

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Xinzhou directly under the public security bureau to solve series of electric power facilities theft cabhr P month day, xinzhou city in a high-rise apartment building under construction within a community within the elevator power supply cable, public emergency cable value ten thousand yuan, such as wire and cable were stolen. After previously, xinzhou city wild goose gate avenue a site, urban sewage treatment plant, Zhang Jiazhuang housing for a certain modification site, city machinery factory site, the place such as a scenic spot water park site occurred more than damaged electric power facilities, DaoGe cable case. Xu month determined morning, criminals commit crime again, wild goose gate avenue nearby cities in downtown DaoGe kv high voltage power supply cable, power cable and burst into flames. June 21, the policemen in pingyao county white will suspect a certain wealth, Chen chun, talk about equality and captured. After the check, the criminal suspect white a wealth, Chen chun, talk about a flat, Gu Mou ( At large) People from month to month, has wandered to xinzhou in our province, datong, jinzhong,, it is mined here, yuncheng, shanxi baoji, xianyang, ankang, places such as gansu longnan night and dazed, over crime spree, destroy the theft of cable and so on electric power facilities, the total value of about ten thousand yuan. At present, criminal suspects white a wealth, Chen chun, talk about a flat has been criminal detention according to law, the case in further dig, does its best to pursue a fugitive suspects Gu Mou.
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