Workplace name is a technical job

by:AAA     2020-03-07
Newbies in the workplace have this feeling-- How to call a new colleague is the first Test after entering the job. Shouting too stiffly makes people feel like they are born, and shouting too affectionately will cause rumors. Senior people who have been wandering in the workplace for many years believe that learning appropriate workplace appellations is also a technical job. The newcomer is confused about the workplace title. He will report to the internship unit next week. Xiao Qin, a senior in the university, is uneasy. The new company is a foreign company. Everyone has an English name. Theoretically, it should be called an English name. But I am a newcomer. Is it too casual to call my name directly? Do you want to add a suffix? He cited boletest as an example: for example, a female colleague named Anna called her Anna directly, or Anna elder sister, or Anna elder? He thinks it is a bit casual to call Anna directly, but Anna elder sister is a taboo for women. Will this be a taboo? If you are called Anna's predecessor, will you be too 'successful'? Maybe others think you have watched too many Korean dramas. To this end, Xiao Qin struggled for a long time. It is appropriate to call it intimate instead of being snubbed by leaders. It is not only for newcomers who have just entered the society to learn, but also for veterans who jump from one company to another, otherwise, it might be a somersault. Miss Chen used to work in a private enterprise. The direct supervisor was a young man. Everyone liked to call him 'handsome boy boletest'. He also smiled and accepted it. It was very useful. After some efforts, Miss Chen moved to a large company. She found that her supervisor was also a young man, so she also directly matched her with 'handsome boy. What she didn't know was that the system of this company had always been strict. Many people wondered whether she had any background because she called her leader so boldly and affectionately. The leader she called 'handsome boy' was also quite embarrassed and hard to say. Miss Chen was still unaware of it at first. After a period of time, she realized that the supervisor often talked and laughed with others, but once she talked with herself, she was serious and rarely communicated on other topics except work. 'Where did I offend people? 'She couldn't help talking to her friends, and the other party helped her analyze: the supervisor did this, perhaps because she was afraid of her' handsome boy 'and deliberately disassociated with her. Learn to observe the color according to local conditions. Many newcomers have to ask, 'Is there any way to eat in the workplace? 'Miss Liu, who has been in the workplace for many years, has a lot of experience in this. ' once, but now people pay more attention to different people. 'For most companies, shouting' brother 'and' sister 'is very popular. She used 'sister' to call the female boss. 'This boletest. Cn is actually a very flexible name, which has the confirmation of age and identity and shows respect; It also implies the taste of coquetry, which can quickly close the feelings. 'However, the specific situation still varies from person to person. She mentioned a female supervisor in the department next door, who looks like she is in her 30 s and still single, and never reveals her age. 'She is particularly particular about dressing up and is also keen on studying all kinds of care products. If you care about your age like this, don't shout 'elder sister' or something. If you can't say for sure, you will get upset with the other party. 'Remind, call the teacher is always right, don't know how to call, just call' teacher 'first '. When new people enter the unit, they really don't know how to call. The teacher is always right. 'Three people, there must be my teacher. If you don't know your colleague's position and call him 'gao' appropriately, you can imply his position in your heart. At the same time, never shout 'low' to those who have long qualifications or are leaders '. It is best to 'vote for its own', want to call it properly, it is best to consider each other's personality and preferences, especially leadership. If the other party is 'rigid', it is good to call 'manager' and 'manager; If it is a comrade-in-arms type, it is quite appropriate to call it 'boss' and 'boss; If it is a returnee, you can call him English name.
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