Women walk drop cable pit

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Women walk drop cable pit dianlan P in today's society, cable products in both life and work and on the streets, is everywhere, it brings us a convenient life, but at the same time we also should pay attention to it. Around noon yesterday, the dongcheng district dajie south street on the east side on the sidewalk near the Beijing international hotel, a middle-aged woman fall into deep within some meters of cable pit. At present, the wounded. Last night, reporters learned from Beijing electric power group that the project construction to power department approval. Yesterday afternoon, reporter saw on-site, the cable pit pit around several roadblocks, pull up a cordon around. Ditch from the north, in turn, covered with four pieces of iron plate, the south open a long meters wide. Meters square, seven or eight meters deep. Not far away, stood 'in front of the construction, no thoroughfare' sign. Witnesses described Mr Yang, into underground for a middle-aged woman, listen to audio and video foreigner mouth. 'She was in the front walk, son and grandson in her face, she stepped on board to turn over, vertical fell. 'Said Mr Yang, he then peer shout together near to police, uncovers the boards together. 'Take a searchlight as down, see her arms, legs, move, also may be scared, no one answered propaganda. 'Minutes later, firefighters came to rescue the woman. According to reporter understanding, the injured were sent to the xiehe hospital, and not life-threatening. Points more than last night, reporters learned from Beijing electric power group, after verification, the project for the new Chinese Academy of Social Sciences center archives of high-pressure compatibilizing reporting for the project is currently in engineering design stage, the customer fails to declare with the Beijing electric power customer service center within drawing review. According to the normal business process, after waiting for drawing approval, to tissue engineering construction, the project for the customer to carry out the project. Cable brings us a convenient life at the same time, there are also some hidden dangers waiting for us, found that we should pay attention to their own personal safety, at the same time hope ShiFang abide by the rules of construction. Want to learn more about the relevant information of the cable, can visit HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com< div> < /div>
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