Wire DianLanYe vast development space should be timely adjust immunity

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Wire DianLanYe vast development space should timely adjust immunity LYTECH P wire DianLanYe vast development space should timely adjust immunity, years China's wire and cable manufacturing industry to realize the total gross value of industrial output,,, yuan, reach the total product sales income,,, yuan, realize the accumulative total profit,,, yuan. Monthly wire and cable manufacturing industry to realize the main business income in China,,, yuan, accumulative total profit,,,, by the end of last year, the industry number of enterprises above designated size reached home. As China's sustained and rapid economic growth, provides a huge market space for wire products, and the Chinese market strong allure, made the world are focused on the Chinese market, in short decades of reform and opening-up, China's huge production capacity which is formed by the cable manufacturing makes the world sit up and take notice. With rapid development of Chinese wire and cable industry, increasing number of new companies and industry greatly increased the overall technology level, also attracted a lot of foreign capital into China. Product category is numerous, wire and cable industry application range is very wide, involved in electric power, building, communication, manufacturing and other industries, is closely related to every part of the national economy. Wire and cable also referred to as the 'artery' and 'nerve' of the national economy, is the transmission power, information and manufacturing various electrical machinery, instruments, meters, realization of electromagnetic energy conversion are indispensable basic equipment, is the foundation of the future society need of electrification and informationization products. Especially rapidly developing countries like China, infrastructure and facilities of the construction of the large demand is self-evident. Wire and cable industry as one of the key parts of infrastructure construction, and its application is wide. Including power system, power system used in wire and cable products mainly include overhead bare wires, bus ( Bus) , power cable ( Plastic cable force, the paper rope ( Basic replaced by plastic power cables) , rubber sets of cables, overhead insulated cables) , branch cable ( Replace part of bus) , electromagnetic wire, and power equipment with electrical equipment such as wire and cable; Information transmission system: used for information transmission system of wire and cable are mainly local cable, TV cable, electronic cable, rf cable, fiber optic cable, data cable, electromagnetic wire, electric power communication or other composite cables, etc. ; Mechanical equipment, instrumentation system: this section in addition to the overhead bare wires almost all the other products are used, but mainly power cable, electromagnetic wire, data cable, instrumentation cables, etc. DianLanYe market must be very broad in the future, so the wire as the country and also its production enterprises and the development of infrastructure construction and development, but if you want to adapt to the international situation changes, the enterprise itself has certain 'immunity'.
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