Wire and cable will climb the tallest in the capital

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Wire and cable will climb the capital the tallest dianlan P recently, in Shanghai's pudong wire and cable production workshop, a research and development of more than five years after super-tall special suspension cable is in production. The second half of next year, it will be shipped to is located in the capital of Beijing's tallest building 'China building, ensure the security of the building power supply reliability, fill the blank of domestic building distribution core parts. In production workshop, staff are in centimeters in diameter, horizontal section + suspension period of roughly 17 meters of cable to build. It if you have any special need for tall building customized? Company director, vice President of jian-yi Chen, high-rise buildings, the conventional cable structure does not apply, in the long distance running vertical are easy to be pulled its weight. And super-tall special suspension cable can solve the disadvantages, the cable no matter how long the multiple, can support the weight of by himself. Due to the high technical requirements, key process is very difficult to break through, the early stage of the r&d input is large, the product has been only a small amount of production in Japan, few companies involved in the domestic wire and cable industry. To develop a cable for buildings, and who have not tried, very difficult. Tall building due to the internal power supply according to the load center, the distribution substation is designed in different locations in the top of the building. The building in the middle of the underground design have kV substation one, in the middle of the different floors respectively kV several deputy change. Pudong wire and cable selection reload. Years ago, the company opened a 'tall building internal power supply with kV hoisting cable' research and development. Company to consider every detail, choose the single core cable to improve the current-carrying capacity of conductor, three core cable twisted can reduce the space occupied, improve the bending properties of the cable, and in the vertical section increases the bearing unit, wire rope can carry hundreds of meters cable weight for a long time, and convenient installation. 'China honour mansion' project is located in Beijing CBD core area, a total construction area of m, the basement, the upper. R&d staff on-site visit for many times, the building structure, the high voltage substation to kV cable from the underlying straight for the to the floor, deputy, effective for reducing the number of high-rise building internal space, changed the past only by the traditional way of low voltage power supply system, lower the line loss, and improve the power quality. Wire and cable through continuous research and development, innovation, believe that with more and more good, also for a better tomorrow we expect. More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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