Wire and cable used two big mistake

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] The two myth of wire and cable used sanewcable P a, crave for wire and cable prices cheaper. This is a significant number of users, and even some enterprises use wire and cable is common pitfalls. Some users in order to save money, ignore the security, pick those prices low, there is no guarantee of quality, the accident hidden trouble of inferior wire and cable. As we know, due to the security of wire and cable and other factors, the price of the wire and cable can't meet the requirements of some users. And some private enterprises in the aspects such as material selection, production technology, detection means are unable to satisfy the requirement of national standard manufacturing wire and cable, its safety will not be able to secure, and in a short feet less rice, flooding the market, at the low price to cater to some users. So please do not covet is cheap wire and cable. Second, the improper modelling of wire and cable. Some requirements of the users for their own electrical appliances, environmental conditions, inadequate understanding, scope of use, requirements for wire and cable type, performance, understanding is not enough and often choose the wrong type. Such as: a steel plant in front of the furnace slag transport vehicle, its power is an electric motor, the furnace temperature as high as before ℃ ~ ℃, under the condition of such an environment, because the factory don't know anything about wire and cable have what special requirements, then use a generic type rubber set soft cable filling YC, results using time is short, sheathed the scorched, it influenced the production, and waste of the economy.
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