Wire and cable, the quality of the national spot check results revealed u u u u u

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Wire and cable, the quality of the national spot check results revealed u u u u u xiaoye P the spot check on the circulation in the market of PVC insulated wire and cable products, companies products will be included in the range of spot check and sampling results show that the qualified rate is not high. Selectived examination this time distribution companies sell batches of PVC insulated wire and cable products, upon examination, unqualified batch, unqualified batch. At present, China's fujian province carried out a quality spot checks, wire and cable products and the spot check, according to the results of unqualified products. %, belong to a higher proportion. Visible, in fujian province also need to greatly improve the quality of the wire and cable and it still need to various manufacturers and companies to cooperate, in the production process in strict accordance with the provisions of, so as to guarantee. The current cable network construction in the key period of zhaotong city, yunnan power grid company has also vigorously support, from the year beginning to invest in the local power grid construction unceasingly, since this year, zhaotong city, closely with yunnan power grid corporation overall acceleration zhaotong power grid construction, years will invest one hundred million yuan to build more zhaotong grid, the ability of power supply, vigorously implement the retrofit project, efforts to solve the problem of population live without electricity. The construction of the power grid will increase electric power security for zhaotong city energy base, lays the foundation for the implementation of the strategy of industrial powerful city in the city. The article reprinted in: HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/new。 asp吗? id=
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