Wire and cable products market prospects look good

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Wire and cable products market promising sanewcable P of the low-end products surplus wire and cable industry in China, the present situation of the high-end products in short supply, experts advise wire and cable industry should be according to the requirement of the national economy industrial policy and market demand, actively adjust the product structure, vigorously develop high-end products, take new economic growth point. From hc360 China electric wire and cable top ten enterprise in the industry top ten list of awards you can see, in the 'sheng' brand always seize the opportunity, for development in innovation, and thus gain a foothold in the market. Some wire and cable products market prospects look good, and there is a certain gap between supply and demand, wire and cable manufacturing enterprises concern. At present, the market of special cable sales accounted for about domestic cable about % of total market sales, according to a rough estimates that every year the special cable products sales at about one hundred million yuan. Special cable products market demand for us to set up a huge and elaborate stage, we need to grasp, to development, to capture. In ordinary products competitive, unprofitable today, why not focus on the development of special cable products. Recently, LS group in South Korea and the world's leading cable manufacturer company nexon has to enter the Chinese cable market, it is said that China will build two special cable production base in anhui and sichuan, in the years of rapid development, special cable products will emerge a batch of high-tech wire and cable enterprises of be worthy of the name.
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