Wire and cable price gap is big reason

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Wire and cable price gap is big reason for q P at present, China's wire and cable market is very chaotic, especially in domestic outfit. Say, main show is inside this brand is numerous, the price difference is big, quality is uneven. Take the most commonly used domestic outfit BV in general. , BV, the price is different, each manufacturer quoted floating between % and %. Quality is good or bad, the length of the line, etc. Clients are difficult to determine. Cable price difference is very big, mainly because of the production of wire and cable materials. Production of the main raw material for copper electrolysis wire, insulation and sheath material should suit. Electrolytic copper raw material market at present in more than yuan per ton, and recovery of copper is much cheaper, insulation and sheath material of high quality products and incomplete difference more disparity. In addition, the length is not enough, insulating rubber content is not enough, also is the main cause of the price difference. The length of each line, classy article is m, and defective items only m, insulator classy article rubber content % ~ %, and only % is incomplete. In contrast, consumers, it is not difficult to see the finished product line sales price difference is due to the problems existing in the material.
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