Wire and cable network intelligent realization!

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Wire and cable network intelligent realization! W P under the age of today's global intelligence, intelligent robot, smart phones, and so on all kinds of the application of artificial intelligence, to make our life more convenient and efficient, so can wire and cable industry will be intelligent? This is certainly some, as early as in some experts put forward the concept of smart grid on the line, but to do intelligent electric wire electric cable to require wire and cable networks have the function of self-diagnosis, since the restoration, to do this will cable enterprise innovation, production of 'smart cable'. For example, in the case of ordinary cable products, need to drive through innovation, to develop some self-diagnosis cable products. Intelligent cable is in order to better match the intelligent cable, and smart grid technology in the world is still in its infancy, not a common definition. The Chinese Academy of Sciences in China, it seems, a smart grid is based on high voltage network backbone network frame, the coordinated development of the power grid voltage level and strong power grid, on the basis of the modern advanced sensor measurement technology, communication technology, information technology, computer technology and control technology and physical grid highly integrated to form a new type of power grid. The smart grid construction process is very complex, but the market is huge. According to the latest report of parker investigators, smart grid technology market will grow to from years of $$, and the market reached a $. Chinese authorities also formulated a series of policies to support the smart grid development, has been clear about the strong smart grid technology standards roadmap. SGC planning is to built in basic information, automation, interaction characteristics of strong smart grid, formed in north China, central China, east China, for the end to the northwest and northeast power grid for sending the three synchronous power grid, the grid resource allocation ability, economic efficiency and safety level, technology level and improve intelligent level. For the provider of the smart grid technology, promote the development of facing the challenges of the distribution network system is upgrading, automation and power distribution substation transportation, smart grid network and intelligent instruments. Experts have pointed out the direction of the technology development of intelligent cable, wire can be knew by the color of the surface of the conveying capacity, able to inductive temperature function, can show different color under different temperature. Such as wire transmission over Mr Abe, more than transmission capacity, wire color from white to other colors, if we can implement this will bring great help to line running. And insulation, for example, in the case of discharge self-restore function, by adding other materials, can restore the defects. Hope enterprise efforts to send out this product, it will also upgrade and innovation of the enterprise plays a big role. Construction of strong smart grid is reliable to ensure the safety of the power grid, make people more convenient, more comfortable to use. This requires a grid related equipment is more reliable. Considering the double loop network power supply, an increasingly narrow corridor space, big cities, by contrast, underground cables are widely used in most cities. This is to give great cable needs. And cable free maintenance requirements and the service life of high voltage, and the distribution of cable insulation, performance indicators, brand credibility higher requirements are put forward. Experts estimated that, as countries support for smart urban construction, is expected to domestic demand for fire retardant cable about %, average growth in market demand for about one hundred million yuan. Successful listing of intelligent super flexible fireproof cables, energy will also push for the far east wisdom in wisdom gain more income in the tide of urban construction. Under the background of developing smart grid in the countries all over the world, the third industrial revolution and the information of renewable energy, distributed application development technical support to achieve fusion, as a part of cable need for intelligent considerations. In the smart grid construction, the appearance of the cable industry is changing. '' the cable industry, will inevitably meet with more leisurely attitude cable arrival of the era of intelligence. As wire and cable industry we must constantly innovation, constantly transcend all kinds of difficulties, to today with the rapid development of nowadays science and technology industry in an impregnable position. Chongqing wire and cable manufacturers the Qin Li power cable manufacturing co. , LTD. HTTP / / WWW. cqqldl。 com/http//www。 cqqldx。 com/
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