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by:AAA     2020-09-12
Wire and cable | low-voltage distribution after who is leading role! Send to the electric wire electric cable | low-voltage distribution after who is leading role! Gymf cable | low-voltage distribution after who is leading role! Now aluminum alloy cable is not new in China, its performance, price advantages and after years of the testing authority and market inspection. Statistics show that although at present in China copper core cable still accounts for more than % of the market. But that did not stop aluminum alloy cable for the masses gradually accepted, accept the good momentum. Predictably, the aluminum alloy cable factory in civil buildings, the low-voltage distribution will account for more and more high. In these areas compared with using aluminum alloy cable copper obvious advantages, its price is much higher than copper. However, in the above KV field of high pressure, superhigh pressure, wiring, copper will be aluminum alloy cable is irreplaceable. As an aluminum alloy cable manufacturer, to treat science and aluminum alloy with copper cable, neither exaggerate the advantages of aluminum alloy cable, also don't cover up its application field. Guide users, scientific, reasonable choose aluminum alloy cable, to provide users with safe, reliable and cost-effective optimal power supply solution. Recently, a cable industry professionals in an interview with reporters said, 'the international use of aluminum alloy conductor cable has become a trend, has been the practice of many countries in this respect, our country should also try. 'in recent years, the concept of aluminum alloy cable is gradually accepted by the domestic market, the rapid growth of market consumption, application of aluminum alloy cable in our country will be high, or will become the future cable market mainstay. Aluminum alloy industry emphasis on energy conservation and sustainable development, the depth to carry out national 'five-year plan'. 'By aluminum and copper' has become the inevitable trend of transformation in the cable industry development, is expected in the next few years, even the proportion of aluminum alloy cable will gradually increase, is about to open a new era of cable. The analysis of industry experts, the aluminum alloy cable industry in the coming years, our country of aluminum alloy cable size of the market is expected to reach one hundred million yuan. Guangzhou international wire and cable and accessories exhibition show time: (date) (month) (year) exhibition location: China, guangzhou, China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall area C. And. # hall exhibits scope: wire and cable, Ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, low voltage wire and cable, cable accessories) , optical fiber cable ( Single-mode fiber, multimode optical fiber and single mode fiber, multimode fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable accessories) , equipment, materials, All kinds of cable manufacturing and finishing machines, testing instruments, all kinds of cable materials, etc. ) Show url: HTTP / / wirecable. gymf。 com. Cn show mail: Candy. Lin@china. messefrankfurt。 com; wire@china。 messefrankfurt。 Com exhibition consultation:,
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