Wire and cable key development direction and the production base of distribution

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Wire and cable sanewcable P key development direction and the production base of distribution in recent years, China optical cable market increasing at an annual rate of % ~ %, wire DianLanYe position in China's machinery industry is second to the automobile industry, China is the world's second largest producer of wire and cable, after the United States. However, recent global wire and cable market matures, wire and cable manufacturing slowdown, modest growth. With the change of external environment and internal competition, the influence of the wire and cable industry has entered a few big monopoly competition pattern, in the world within the scope of vertical and horizontal pendulum is close. Almost LS group announced with South Korea into China at the same time, the world's leading cable manufacturer nexon company claims that the investment of the new plant resistance can be sen ( Shanghai) Cable company was formally started in February, marked the beginning of the world's advanced special cable production in China. Previously, the Chinese market need premium cable almost all rely on imports. Although Chinese producers number as high as several, but almost all rely on low price grab market focus in the field of low, this also become a domestic enterprise development bottleneck. At present in the field of profit space is large premium cable, the Chinese market was completely multinationals preemption. Due to the financial crisis, is a major impact on wire and cable industry development, industry development into the trough, a baptism of ideological concept of wire and cable. Companies use 'secret key' to expand production in the face of challenge, wire and cable enterprise situation, positive response. Some enterprises follow the market demand, accelerate the scientific and technological innovation, actively adjust the product structure; Some enterprises take the initiative to change the marketing way, adhere to the 'two legs', increase the intensity of market development; Some enterprises to strengthen internal management, strengthen staff training, hard skills; Some enterprises to seize the opportunity of low cost, increasing investment, actively building new projects. Tackling the international financial crisis, the central issued a series of expanding domestic demand policy, launched into total one hundred million yuan two-year investment plan, formulate implementation of key industry adjustment and revitalization of planning, in the next few years will continue to electric power, railway, traffic, communication, energy, shipbuilding industry, maintain bigger investment scale. This year, according to market analysis, the national wire and cable sales revenue will exceed one hundred million yuan, nearly three years, the average annual growth in the electric wire and cable, in % above, this undoubtedly bring new opportunities for wire and cable industry transformation and upgrading.
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