Wire and cable is how to prevent frostbite

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Wire and cable is how to prevent frostbite SXXLJT P due to the wire and cable is overhead in outdoor work over a long period of time, so the surface of the cable is easily covered with snow and ice. When the weight of the ice after more than the bearing capacity of the cable itself, may lead to cable transmission iron tara to happen or directly to the pole to and cable itself may appear the phenomenon of break off. So, in order to avoid these situations of listed above, there are usually two ways to to ease: ( ) First, people on the choice of materials must pay attention to choose those who can resist the cold cable. As the snow may fall in the gaps between the cable and cable, wire and cable center of gravity is easy to be biased towards those parts with snow, which will generate a force, force cable rotation occurs, snowball then will be rolled out, the greater the final break off in the cable. Cable rotation is actually lead to cable, therefore, one of the main reasons for the ice. But cable if it is a relatively rigid conductor, so when the snow accumulation is enough, not prone to reverse the situation, the snow will automatically fall down from the wire. At the same time, as the density of the stiffness of the cable is also each are not identical, when the snow was gradually produce frozen to the ice, as long as to a certain extent will automatically fracture. As a result, there are some factories will take advantage of an opportunity to have developed a new type of high voltage overhead wire and cable, which could lead to AeroZ of this kind of new type high voltage overhead conductor is famous throughout the world. As the world's most cold countries Iceland and Czechoslovakia in adopting this type AEROZ wires. ( ) Moreover, people can also cables in the smear some antifreeze coatings. So-called freeze protection coating, it is a kind of high temperature heat insulation coating or some reflective heat insulation coating. This kind of practice is asked by insulation that means reach the purpose of prevent frost crack happens wire and cable. In addition to that, in general, but also has waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-cracking, fire prevention and insulation and so on different functions. People can be selected through their respective needs more suitable coating product. Because the freeze protection coating on the market at present can differ according to the enterprise research and development capabilities and has a variety of species. As a result, people need more contrast when the choose and buy products and test and so on. Work in outdoor cable actually itself quality is excellent, as long as we protect it well, it can provide us with a better service. Wire and cable daily workload is very big still, so it also need our protection and cannot have any contempt for their health.
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