Wire and cable industry top ten technology inventory in 2014

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Ten years of wire and cable industry technology inventory useful P in wire and cable industry top ten technology inventory release date:. 。 Official news source: original views: flash, light and shadow, as years. A year of hard work in exchange for the fruits of harvest, the patent for invention, large cross-section wire has a new progress, cable pipeline detection technology improved, aluminum alloy cable is expected to preparation technology has a wide range of promotion, superconducting wire break. . . have a new harvest, wire and cable industry. The following attendance is mechanical show you ten years of wire and cable industry technology share with friends. , wisdom bag patents, national energy between cross-section wire project leading international, kV ac bar hanging composite insulator technology reached the international advanced power supply company, hangzhou cable pipeline detection technology to fill blank, aluminum alloy cable among the state grid directory new technology, the domestic first ship simplify the difficulty of laying submarine cable electric pallet was put into operation, the domestic long distance transmission technology have new progress, 'the preparation of high temperature superconductor technology' through the acceptance, xing le three cable industry related fields to fill gaps in a patent for invention, the Chinese super league two project for utility model patent certificate for cable wire and cable industry in China technology research and development problems such as weak, the industry has for years been warmly call for to enhance investment in technology. Ten years of wire and cable industry technology, marked the domestic wire and cable industry's emphasis on technology research and development and has made remarkable achievements, we are looking forward to year there will be more remarkable new technology, new technology, often is machinery as a professional wire and cable equipment manufacturers will be ready to do the old products, develop new products, strive to contribute to the wire and cable industry. Dongguan city frequently WWW is machinery co. , LTD. kingemjx。 com
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