Wire and cable industry to build a standardized bidding market is imminent

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry to build a standardized bidding market is imminent atltech P wire and cable industry to build standardized bidding market is imminent, at present there are thousands of wire and cable national enterprise, one of them. % is small and medium-sized enterprises. Some small and medium-sized enterprises to lower prices malicious grab market phenomenon is relatively common, wire and cable industry to build a standardized bidding market is imminent. Related to small and medium-sized enterprises of vicious competition means a direct result of wire and cable market chaos, the serious influence industry development, its main influencing factors for: sales way to confusion, serious local protectionism, the terms of payment is not reasonable. Among them, the sales way chaos phenomenon is serious. Bidding for wire and cable industry are the most common way of sales, is now more than % of the bidding enterprise USES the lowest bid. Is due to the lack of uniform standards, many bid for vicious competition in severe cases, even some unlicensed micro enterprises can rely on the relationship between bid, and then with the bid below cost price for the bid, the end of is what do not accord with standard of quality and safety of products. After the related violations, illegal companies won the bid at a low price, is taken bad means to benefit - — Shoddy, to bad copper wrapped copper short, lack of m code, the consequences are caused a potential to a project subject to tender, even directly lead to the occurrence of major accidents, day and month, two extra-large fire occurred in jilin and heilongjiang, killing people injured and economic loss of one hundred million yuan, the cause analysis are related to the wire and cable, its origin lies in the electric wire electric cable quality problems. On Monday morning, Moscow subway fire, some passengers were evacuated. Russian emergency ministry officials said, the likelihood is the power cord caught fire and smoke. Month, day and night of Shanghai central part region, including jing 'an, putuo, huangpu, xuhui some users suffered widespread blackout 'attack', line section or shut down. , cause blackouts are: Shanghai pudong and puxi a kv transmission cable fails, causing three central substation, losing electricity loss load about million kilowatts. Obviously, the bidding market of vicious competition if not control and guide, not only in violation of the bidding market principles of openness, fairness and justice, for the orderly development of industry and become bigger and stronger are huge obstacles! The result must be caused by: product quality guarantee, difficult to implement the industry development, ensuring construction safety, the people's security threat. How to build standard, competitive and orderly bidding market, build public fair competition environment, improve the transparency of the bidding procurement, punishing and preventing corruption, has become an imminent event. Relevant government departments, industry associations should be solved together, responsible for the bidding market of Chinese wire and cable industry, responsible for wire and cable industry, more socially responsible. ( Cable net news) The Caledonian cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai office contact person: ms zou Websitehttp / / WWW. caledoniancable。 comEmailpenny@caledoniancables. com
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