Wire and cable industry ten big news in 2007

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry top ten news ckluo P since data transfer ( The south cable network) 。 The national electric wire electric cable quality on (date) (month) (year), the State Council announced, month, bring about huge nationwide product quality rectification of activities, including wire and cable products. Around the crack down on counterfeit activity of wire and cable products, wire and cable industry caused great repercussions throughout the country and shock. 。 Zhongke yinghua to zhengzhou cable group co. , LTD. (date) (month) (year), contemplating the group zhongke yinghua shareholding % of zhengzhou cable co. , LTD. , established in zhengzhou held a grand ceremony, ending a zheng cable as a history of large state-owned enterprises. 。 Shanghai electric cable research institute established anniversary (date) (month) (year), Shanghai electric cable research institute building the anniversary celebration was held. Former vice-minister of ministry of machinery industry, machinery industry federation, special adviser Lu Yansun, China electrotechnical society director wu xiaohua, China electrical equipment industry association executive vice President of punishment, deputy director of Shanghai yangpu district people's congress, jade long Xia Licheng Shen Yichu, jiangsu bao sheng group chairman, party secretary of Shanghai electric cable research institute Sun Baoxin, Shanghai electric cable research institute Gao Qingguo and guests from cable industry and related industries, nearly one thousand guests witnessed the spectacle. 。 Bao sheng bao sheng cable cable city in full production, new city district of copper rod, electrical, rubber, medium voltage cross-linking, bare wire and cable and so on more than 10 big project to full production. Bao sheng cable city covers an area of mu, new district covers an area of mu. The city by bao sheng new cable factory, old factory, logistics centers, cable material industrial zone of four large area was contemplating, as China's largest 'cable carriers' cable electrical industry group and one hundred million yuan. The world's largest cable manufacturer Italy prysmian cable company, ashtar insulated wire company, the EMS company and Italian tile company has investment into the city. 。 Medium-pressure crosslinking cable China famous brand product is suspended in yemen, published by the state general administration of quality supervision, the annual review of the results of the Chinese famous brand products. Also announced that, due to reasons such as filing materials, and suspend annual medium-voltage crosslinking cable China famous brand product review. 。 (date) (month) (year), the Shanghai world expo line kV crosslinking cable DianJi international tendering co. , LTD. , a 'Shanghai world expo kV power transmission and transformation project crosslinking cable' and 'Shanghai expo kV crosslinking cable and power transmission and transformation engineering services ( The second) 'the bid-winning notice, with the project. Km kV cable and affiliated application, all the supplied by nexon France won the bid. 。 Southern power grid hainan networking kV submarine extra-high voltage oil-filled cable (date) (month) (year), southern power grid company company signed with NEXANS kV interconnection communication hainan oil filled cable and accessory equipment contracts. The total length cable. Kilometers, by the French NEXANS VISCAS Japanese company and company joint venture factory located in Japan, and assume installation engineering. 。 China's first kv carbon fiber composite wires into execution. First use of carbon fiber composite wires (date) (month) (year), state grid corporation, to fujian longyan kV our line wires, replacement for Drake kcmi carbon fiber composite guide line ( The ACCC conductor and carbon fiber composite core aluminium conductor) , project successfully completed, officially activated either. This project the line length. KM, with a total investment of ten thousand yuan. 。 Copper clad aluminum conductor power cable (date) (month) (year), Shanghai wintek cable group, copper clad aluminum conductor plastic insulated power cable new products at the provincial level technology assessments in nanhui district of Shanghai, and technical experts from around the country to the development of new products, detect report, new product technology novelty search report and factory the conducted a comprehensive investigation, that the product can reach the domestic advanced level, fill the blank of the Shanghai, batch production. 。 Hefei wushan town of wire and cable base (date) (month) (year), wire and cable companies from anhui province inside and outside, and hefei changfeng county town of wushan, signed on acres of industrial land, investment of nearly one hundred million yuan, the construction of a large new wire and cable production base.
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