Wire and cable industry status quo depth resolution

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry status quo depth resolution htdtxlqi P wire and cable industry is electrician electrical industry in China is second only to the second largest automotive manufacturing industry, now China has become the second wire and cable production country in the world, but the domestic still exist some problems in this industry. Since the reform and open policy, our country economy fast development, the electric power demand. In the past five years, the efficiency of the whole society after installed an average annual growth rate reached % and % respectively. Electrical industry in promoting the resources saving and comprehensive utilization, clean production, achieved positive results. However, the traditional high consumption, high emission and low efficiency of the extensive economic growth mode is not a fundamental shift, low utilization rate of resources, environmental pollution. In the future, our country will still in the stage of industrialization and urbanization accelerating, the face of the resources and the environment situation is more serious. Electrical appliance industry to seize the current power industry in the development of important strategic opportunities, we must vigorously develop circular economy, according to the principle of 'reduction, reuse, recycling', enterprises in the implementation of production, to take various effective measures to minimize the resource consumption and environmental costs as small as possible, obtain the biggest economic output and minimum waste. To, from design to technology, manufacturing, from economic, environmental and social benefit unifies to consider and implement a resource-conserving and environment-friendly production of electrical manufacturing industry. At present, electrical industrial production are one-way linear process of open economy, namely 'resource product pollution', and then to the governance of pollution emissions. Electrical appliance industry to achieve sustainable development, the enterprise must according to the circular economy development mode to planning for further development of the enterprise. In a certain sense, the competition of the enterprise, is the competition of technology, is to improve the competition of resources and resource efficiency. The essence of circular economy is through the adoption of high and new technology to improve resource utilization, cleaner production as a result, the electric enterprises must make important adjustment mode of resource utilization and management, enterprises should establish with environmental cost consciousness, it is necessary to implement reduction; pay attention to the resources in the economic cycle Products to use; The principle of the recycling of waste.
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