Wire and cable: industry spot-check qualified rate of about 94

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Wire and cable: industry sampling percent of pass is about seo P safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promoting the healthy development of wire and cable industry, ensure the quality of construction engineering information products. A few days ago, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine organizations on the wire and cable products quality supervision and spot check. Spot checks found that partial products quality problems: one is the unqualified product insulation or sheath weightlessness project. Weight loss is insulated and sheathed cable products in product temporary hot stability index of the runtime. In selectiving examination have individual products lose weight indicator is unqualified, insulation and sheath aging metamorphism. Second, the mechanical performance is unqualified. Product specifications for different products on the mechanical properties of the insulation and sheath put forward different requirements. Spot checks found that individual product mechanical performance index is unqualified, sheathed or insulation during for laying stress to cause a short circuit and leakage discharge pulled apart or cause drag mark. 3 it is to hot extension project is unqualified. The rules and regulations of product extension cable insulation heat load under permanent elongation elongation is no more than % hot spot checks found no more than % individual product extension appear the phenomenon of fuse and high temperature condition of the short circuit accident. The spot check in tianjin, hebei, Inner Mongolia, shanxi and other provinces and municipalities directly under the central government enterprises producing products ( Not involving the export products) Percent of pass is. % for the major quality problems found in selectiving examination, aqsiq has instructed all localities departments of quality and technical supervision strictly in accordance with the provisions of the product quality law and other relevant laws and regulations, the quality of product is unqualified rectification within a time limit of enterprise, to dispose in accordance with the law.
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