Wire and cable industry in the future development space is huge

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry in the future development space big day Hao P, according to the Marketing Department of China electrical equipment industry association statistics show that in the national wire and cable companies to product sales income. One hundred million yuan, accounting for the national electrical industry product sales. %, is the national industrial products sales. %。 In electrical industry import. Hundred million dollars, exports. $, the trade deficit. Million dollars. And electrical appliance industry trade deficit in contrast to wire and cable industry, the import of wire and cable industry. $$, exports, to achieve a trade surplus. Million dollars. Years before the China machinery industry sales of businesses, including electrical industry, in the enterprise, enterprise of a wire and cable, wire and cable companies product sales income of RMB one hundred million yuan. Companies are relatively concentrated in jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, they respectively are YongDing group co. , LTD. , jiangsu far east group co. , LTD. , bao sheng group co. , LTD. , wanda group co. , LTD. , fortis group co. , LTD. , zhejiang fuchunjiang communication group co. , LTD. , tianjin plastic power cable group co. , LTD. , jiangsu up and cable group, zhejiang wanma group co. , LTD. , as well as the Qingdao Chinese cable group co. , LTD. At the same time, with special electrical cable production capacity and delixi enterprise is out of place in the cable business statistics, the former was listed in the transformer industry, the latter belongs to the low pressure electric appliance industry. At present, wire and cable industry products meet the rate is as high as more than %, domestic market share of more than %. In power cable. Thousands of kilometers. Than growth. %, steel core aluminum stranded wire is complete. Ten thousand tons, than growth. %。 The annual growth in the output of power cable products. %, doubling just four years, thus the development speed. These instructions, wire and cable industry occupies an important position in national economy. Wire and cable as transmission power, information and manufacturing all kinds of motors, electrical appliances, instrumentation equipment, the basis of known as the national economy 'blood vessels' and' nervous', well-deserved. Years, with rapid development of electric power construction inertia, will drive the development of wire and cable industry, and brings to the wire and cable industry broad space for development. (date) (month) (year), the National Bureau of Statistics data show that the power capacity kilowatts is created over the years, China has put into production KV and above transmission lines of km, wan KVA substation capacity. Some experts predict, the annual national production of KV and above transmission lines will reach km, annual growth. %, and to meet the dc KV transmission line and KV transmission line's technical requirements. (date) (month) (year), premier wen jiabao said of macroeconomic regulation and control of significant results were obtained at the same time, also said coal, electricity, oil, still nervous, there can be no let up. Years, the National Development and Reform Commission, said the annual power generation capacity is estimated to increase by KW ~ KW. , electric power, according to experts in new power generation capacity will be an all-time high. With the corresponding variable capacitance will reach all KVA. Forecast in China installed will reach thousands of kw. This means that our country power installed in thousands years kw, on the basis of new power close to this decade to kw, the substation capacity will also be considerable. '11th five-year plan period, China will be the new KV and above communication lines. Thousands of kilometers, hundred KVA substation capacity, new km per year on average, than KVA. Among them, the KV ac line km, KV ac line. Thousands of km. And KV ~ back to dc lines, ~ km, the total length of transmission line transmission capacity to KW. According to the '11th five-year' plan, transmission line voltage from KV, KV, KV to KV voltage class in gradually increase. Data show that the output of power generation equipment in China in to KW, years. KW, annual growth. %; Our country for transformer production years. KVA, for KVA, annual growth. %; In our country only KWH, electricity consumption is expected to reach $in KWH, electricity growth has been driving the growth of the power generation equipment. In our country for thousands of KW ac motor production years, to KW, annual growth. %。 And these form a complete set of equipment of electromagnetic wire products such as technical level is also improved. Above show that, with the speeding up of the power grid construction, improve the voltage level of transmission lines, power generation equipment, transformers and other products in the performance, improving quality of wire and cable industry will be asked to provide corresponding supporting products, so the task of wire and cable industry will still be very difficult, difficult, not only for cable production increase, more technical level. At the same time, wire and cable industry development should match with the rapid development of electric power construction. The rapid development of electric power construction, drive the rapid development of wire and cable industry, make to wire and cable is closely related to the wire DianLanYe special equipment manufacturing. To win, boatrace sails. Special wire and cable equipment industry to realize the output value one hundred million yuan, % than growth. Years to years, special wire and cable equipment industry provides value for wire and cable companies. One hundred million yuan products, about. Ten thousand tons; Years to years, provides value for wire and cable industry. One hundred million yuan for wire and cable equipment, about ten thousand tons. During the year to year, wire and cable special equipment for years and years of production is hundred million yuan and one hundred million yuan respectively, which increased by %, develop faster. Expected or special equipment for wire and cable production value is expected to reach one hundred million yuan, than double. Wire and cable is doubling output value of the special equipment for five years, it serves to show its developing speed. According to the China electrical equipment industry association statistics, completely in a wire and cable enterprise infrastructure and technological transformation equipment investment. One hundred million yuan, year-on-year growth. %, statistics of the data is currently. At present, the momentum of updated equipment, wire and cable enterprises under the strong pull, wire and cable dedicated equipment is gradually formed its own features famous quality products.
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