Wire and cable industry in China has began to shuffle integration

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry in China has began to shuffle integration professional robot P wire and cable industry in China has began to shuffle integration is unceasingly thorough along with our country economic system reform and the continuous development of market economy, I already began to shuffle integrated wire and cable industry, rather than 'integration of'. The national cable and cable industry consolidation happened in the s last century. In this period, the private enterprise is getting stronger and stronger, there was a group of strong private cable enterprises. At the same time, China's huge cable deeply attracted the eyes of the foreign market, cable enterprise investment in China. Then, under the joint against foreign and private enterprises, the so-called 'national team' of state-owned cable companies being defeated. Has been basically achieved the first wave of cable industry consolidation, as a result, most of the state-owned enterprises have introduced historical stage, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises has become the leading wire and cable industry in China. Nowadays, since the beginning of this century, began a second wave of consolidation. The competition of integration, mainly in internal private enterprise groups, public put forward 'dance with wolves male', 'big fish eat less than', 'fast fish eat slow fish' competition concept. While the foreign capital enterprise's travails. Integrating the characteristics of the two waves are the same. The first wave of integration of state-owned enterprises and government, is relatively smooth. The original large companies collapsed, did not have the original brand, in addition to cause social shock, did not cause the vibration of the cable industry, because people think it is the inevitable trend of social development, left only regret and sigh. And a second wave of consolidation, because is the struggle between private enterprises, are relatively much more cruel. Mergers others no matter whether the private enterprises in the past, no matter what is the subject of merger nature of the enterprise, but is the result of a private boss own struggle. Now, and those who experience almost 'two brothers' cruel strife, is another feeling. In any case, the second wave of consolidation is the curtain has been opened, there have been a large group of the strong and the weak in this stage the 'law of the jungle. Winner, the loser, the audience, each have each point of view. , however, people still want the national electric wire electric cable profession solidarity, hard work, to create their own brands, and some foreign companies for high and low, really make the cable industry in the cable industry in China.
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