Wire and cable industry in 2011 top ten news ( 2011 - 12 - 26)

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry top ten news ( ) CGL P repost: wire and cable industry top ten news ( ) 【 The south cable network] According to the survey of the south cable network throughout the country the correspondent tracking, and understanding, the editorial selected ten years wire and cable industry news as follows, According to the incident time sequence) :。 Jiangsu in high voltage cable companies to build China's largest cable wharves, changshu port office formally approved in high voltage cable co. , LTD in changshu economic development zone in jiangsu Yangtze river port construction of the country's largest specialized submarine cable terminal. The project total investment one hundred million yuan, more construction tons berths and tons of garage two level ports. Companies leading products for kV ehv cross-linked power cable, photoelectric composite submarine cable, submarine power cable, submarine cable, etc. , plans to production within the year. 。 General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine start the electric wire electric cable quality joint inspection (date) (month) (year) issued by aqsiq 'about the country wire and cable products quality supervision and spot check and notice of production enterprise survey ( Qc supervisor letter []) And start large-scale electric wire electric cable quality rectification work ( Referred to as' linkage spot check) 。 'linkage' selectiving examination time is on (date) (month) (year), a total period of months. 。 Years wuchuan city construction of submarine cable project in zhanjiang city, guangdong province zhanjiang wuchuan city guangdong veolia undersea cable project began construction plant, covers an area of million square meters. The project plans to invest one hundred million yuan, the project completed and put into production in the second half, annual output can reach one hundred million yuan, and tax ten thousand yuan more. 。 Tianjin into a cable company was fined the sum of ten thousand yuan (date) (month) (year) in guizhou province, guiyang city of quality and technical supervision bureau of guiyang into a cable company and tianjin tianjin, tianjin into the cable companies suspected of unqualified products, issued a 'decision for administrative penalty, fines up to ten thousand yuan. Be punished party refuses to accept, to the provincial government to the administrative reconsideration, and in Beijing will hold the rights of news, have challenged guiyang pledges inspect bureau of administrative penalties, and has carried on the response to the agency that is the case. Guiyang tianjin company thinks, guiyang pledges inspect bureau whopper, make big errors, guiyang pledges inspect bureau has no legal basis for law enforcement, law enforcement. The case is still in trial. 。 Release the wire and cable industry five-year development guidance (date) (month) (year), wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association released the twelfth five-year development guidance wire and cable industry, put forward the '12th five-year' industry development during the period of the three goals, and put forward the 'four forms of historic task: (1) forming ~ home sales of tens of billions of dollars and have certain international competition strength of large enterprise groups; (2) the formation of ~ home sales of one hundred million yuan and in the field of professional products with strong international competitiveness of specialized characteristic enterprise; (3) to form a batch of products, professional manufacturing capability is strong, distinctive area of form a complete set of relatively complete, development of poor dissimilation cable industry cluster; (4) to form a group of professional production characteristics and regional competitive advantage of small and medium-sized enterprises. 。 Nexon m&a si 5 power cable division (date) (month) (year), the French cable and optical fiber manufacturers nexon group ( 耐克森的SA) Announced that the company has agreed to buy China shandong si 5 DianLanYe affairs departments of electric power cable group % equity, and will be in the form of joint venture to continue operating the business in shandong province. Nexon group said in a statement, based on net debt and cash flow calculation, deal in shandong si 5 appraisal department of electric power cable is cable group. Million euros. Shandong si 5 cable group will continue to hold the equity of power cable after trading department %. 。 Bao sheng shares of high-level people resign (date) (month) (year), bao sheng shares, according to the announcement Xia Licheng, Lv Jiaguo company directors, directors and chief executive Tang Chongjian, director and vice President and secretary of the board of directors ZhaiLiFeng, vice President jiang ling, chairman of the supervisory board yuka total people collective apply to resign, in the national wire and cable industry has caused great shock and the stock market. 。 Jiangxi ruijin building wire and cable industry park (date) (month) (year), jiangxi ruijin city, wire and cable industrial park project dispatch meetings were held to discuss the 'ruijin in wire and cable industry park project construction implementation plan', decided to create advance cable industrial park project. Cable industrial park covers an area of mu, special cable companies attract coastal areas to come up. Ruijin government investment promotion and capital introduction of wire and cable industrial park on the preferential policies, including land subsidies and tax breaks, etc. 。 The date of establishment of wire and cable chamber of commerce in China, the Chinese cable chamber of commerce in Beijing held a grand opening ceremony. Shanghai shenghua cable group chairman Zhang Shengfei bao sheng kechuang, han and the far east holding group, cable, and cable group, zhongtian technology and representatives of Shanghai electric cable research institute and other home units for 'China cable chamber of commerce was set up. The first permanent President of Zhang Shengfei was elected chairman. During the meeting, read out the declaration of 'eight honors, eight disgraces' chamber of commerce. Presented to the national federation of industry and the promoter in the first half of the established about the preparations for the application of the cable chamber of commerce in China, years to get the approval of All-China federation of industry. 。 Issued 'about promoting quality improvement guidance of wire and cable products (date) (month) (year), the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China machinery industry federation, China federation of electric power enterprises, state grid corporation, southern power grid company six departments, jointly issued the' about promoting quality improvement guidance of wire and cable products, put forward the establishment of wire and cable products quality improvement joint working group, responsible for research the national electric wire electric cable quality total body situation, quality improvement measures are put forward, and supervise implementation. ( The cable network
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