Wire and cable industry 'green wave'

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry 'green wave' mlship P today (date) (month) (year) to implement the eu directive, Ross deadline looming. Wire and cable products are exported to the eu technical barriers, is expected in the industry. The impact is not only the export work, however, the resulting competition for domestic green environmental protection of wire and cable market competition has also been pushed to the front. Dint strong enterprise is powerful, and will be followed by a new round of wire and cable industry 'shuffle', landscape may be upheaval. The eu: is not 'green' refuse to accept the relevant data shows, at present, Europe, America, Japan has or import blame environmental protection cable is strictly prohibited. Specified in the eu directive Ross: put on the market of electric equipment products not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated two stupid ether, polybrominated biphenyl six kinds of harmful substances, the eu directive is not only the attention to the green environmental protection work, is also for wire and cable products are exported to the eu technical barriers. This suggests that is not 'green' cable products, refused to receive in the European Union. At present our country enterprise in the production of wire and cable products is a lot of traditional products, over the years, the domestic market using cable wire, the main insulation material is PVC and PE material. The production of the traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene wire and cable short circuit when a fire, burning smoke density is big, and can produce a large number of harmful halogen gas, direct damage to the user's physical and mental health and property safety. Obviously, these products are no longer in the European Union, the United States, Japan and other developed markets. Not long ago, the relevant departments of the market survey report shows that at present, Europe, America, Japan and other countries more and more high to the requirement of cable used. Specific provision shall conform to the halogen free, low toxicity, low amount of flame retardant, smoke during burning, does not produce or produce less corrosive gas and harmful halogen gases, heavy metals such as lead, contaminated soil, high heat resistance, scrap wire and other standards and characteristics of material recycling use. Especially for the safety of products, non-toxic, flame retardant indicators such attention. With the improvement of environment protection, environmental protection is more and more cause the attention of the world. At the same time, wire and cable in the process of the production and use, the impact on the environment is becoming more and more attention of the industry. At present, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Japan and other countries, more and more high to the requirement of cable products, request does not contain halogen, does not produce harmful gas and corrosive gas, and has formulated the strict laws, restrictions and will finally cancel the industrial application of PVC. Ec in years ago to implemented strict limits of heavy metals such as lead, nickel, and establish an ecological management and auditing system, manufacturers must fully comply with the local environmental protection laws and regulations and the ec. Therefore, halogen-free flame retardant cable standard issued by the ec in recent years, is a lead-free, no nickel with environmental protection requirement type cable product standards. Olympic venues: should be 'green' market barriers to decorate wire and cable products abroad, domestic also difficult to meet the market needs. The latest industry statistics show, at present, our country already have the ability to produce environmental protection cable, but these products are used for power cable, and the number of environmentally friendly program-controlled cables used in equipment very few. 'In the Olympic village will all adopt the environmental protection building materials, environmental protection cable. Can't get any chance' of the Beijing municipal government to the international Olympic committee (ioc) this commitment, make traditional cable products are useless. Obviously, the development of green environmental protection wires and cables, replacing the traditional wire and cable has become the top priority. In recent years, in the international communication of the wire and cable industry, many times the 'green cable has become the development direction of cable manufacturing industry in the world' this information. Therefore, our country in recent years gradually enacted a number of industry standards. From this perspective also out to the attention of the environmental protection work in China. In these standards, indicators related to the environmental protection is not lower than similar foreign standards. Gb GBl. - the import waste environmental protection control standards - — — The scrap wire and cable, 'regulations on imported waste, scrap wire and cable, lead and its compounds must not exceed one over ten thousand of the imported scrap wire and cable weight. Years, the Beijing power supply bureau awarded regulations, cooperate to disable the PVC cable system. Year, relevant departments issued cable with low smoke zero halogen material standards. That same year, the Ministry of Public Security issued flame-retardant and fire-resistant cable gradation and the related requirements. Years, the Beijing municipal government to the international Olympic committee (ioc) commitment to the Olympic village will adopt environmentally friendly building materials. And make a decision, from the beginning of the end of the year, in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities large public places, banning the use of blame environmental protection such as PVC cable products. In Beijing the Olympic village, in the Shanghai expo are announced to all use environmentally friendly cable products related policy information.
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