Wire and cable industry facing the eu green Eup new test

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry faces the green new test SJZPTTX P eu Eup Eup directive, namely the energy-using product ecological design instruction, in principle, applicable to all energy-using products other than the vehicle. According to the instruction, concrete detailed rules for the implementation of related products in years to come out. EuP directive is following the RoHS directive and WEEE directive, the eu issued a third way to electronic electrical products of environmental protection instruction. Compared with the WEEE and RoHS directive, EuP directive monitoring is wider. WEEE directive only start from the recycling process of wire and cable products, the recycling of waste require; RoHS directive only limit wire and cable products for the use of certain hazardous substances, monitoring range is small; And EuP directive focuses on environmental control of wire and cable products whole life cycle, from raw material selection, product manufacturing, packaging, transport, distribution, installation, maintenance, use and recycling, require enterprises in accordance with the provisions of parameters, the related environmental impact assessment. The directive principle applies to all need to consume energy to play to the performance of mechanical and electrical products, all household appliances, consumer electronics, heating equipment, hot water equipment, electrical lighting systems, family and services are affected. Overall, EuP directive mainly exports to China's wire and cable companies have a significant impact, wire and cable products to get certification marks, to produce and deliver the European market; In production at the same time to monitor the implementation of the directive effect, make the enterprise production costs have risen sharply, some can not meet the requirements of the export enterprises are likely to face in embarrassment. EuP upstream of wire and cable plastic materials put forward higher requirements of environmental protection, plastic raw materials and additives such as the profound influence of the related industries will gradually appear. EuP directive requires the entire product life cycle 'green manufacturing', contains the 'green material, green design, green production, green packing and use, green recycling and processing' and so on omni-directional green concept, the 'green materials' and 'green packaging and the use of' will have a significant impact on plastic and other related industries. EuP directive requirements of wire and cable products into the eu market to disable some harmful substances, which requires the electric wire electric cable to grab from raw materials of green manufacturing. When asked to choose raw materials, design personnel to change the traditional material selection methods, not on the basis of the traditional manufacturing ideas, under the premise of need to meet the basic functions, consider using a standard, good environmental protection material. A large number of application of plastic wire and cable products and related products for raw materials, so must be based on EuP directive choose non-toxic, low energy consumption, no pollution or trace of plastic raw materials, less pollution USES renewable and recyclable materials, in order to improve resource utilization. The plastics and plastic additives in China put forward higher requirements of environmental protection. After the use of packaging materials and waste disposal, can bring a great burden to the environment, therefore, the packing of the wire and cable products should choose non-toxic and pollution-free, recyclable or easily degradable materials, make the packaging do 'RlD' ( Reduce reduction, Reuse Recycle Reuse, Recycle recycling, Degradable biodegradable) 。 The improvement of the packaging structure can also be done by improving product structure design. Studies have shown that increased product internal structural strength, can reduce the % of packaging material requirements, and can reduce the % of packing. As a result, the plastic products safe and harmless to the direction of development is top priority; At the same time, new product structure, use longer cycle of plastic material will be more help to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution. The relevant eu statistics show that EuP directive limit product 80% came from China. Domestic experts said that the directive after entering the implementation phase, really for the damages caused by mechanical and electrical industry in China will not less than 50 billion yuan a year. EuP directive after implementation, in addition to the increased cost of raw materials, wire and cable enterprises will also improve the design and manufacture cost. For those with low price to win the export of wire and cable companies, the rising cost of further diluted the already meager profits, enterprise profitability will suffer larger test. The product technology behind, lacking the ability to cope with the enterprise, may therefore exit from the European market. To this, the plastic industry experts suggest that in the face of more and more, more and more strict environmental regulations at home and abroad, the domestic plastics and raw material supply enterprises should actively respond to and improve the environmental protection standard of plastic raw materials and products, developing a new type environmental protection plastic additives, and accelerate the process of replacement of poisonous and harmful material. In guarantee export products to meet the requirements of all kinds of environmental protection instruction at the same time, also should constantly improve the level of domestic products of environmental protection. — — Information source: hardware today
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