Wire and cable industry development in our country is influenced by three factors

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry development in our country by the three major factors affecting heibaocjp P wire and cable as the main carrier of power transmission, outside is affected by the policy and the price of raw materials at home and abroad, also because it is widely used in electricity, construction, automotive, communications and other industries, is inevitable and the development of the downstream industry is closely linked. Internal and external policies in recent years the country vigorously for urban power grid construction and retrofit and the construction of urban rail transit, issued a number of good policy. The development of these industries will bring upstream wire and cable manufacturing enterprises a lot of orders. At the same time, because of high fire, as a result of electric wire electric cable quality reason to prevent major accidents from happening again, countries in the aspect of wire and cable industry and product standard of control is more and more strict, the new technical standards introduced gradually. Exports abroad, on the one hand, the cable industry in our country is larger, influenced by international economic organization policy also larger; Emerge in endlessly, on the other hand, the anti-dumping investigation of wire and cable manufacturers in China also caused extremely adverse effect. The proportion of raw materials in the cost of raw materials, wire and cable products in %, including copper, aluminium and plastic, etc. , according to the measurement, each raw material prices %, % is equal to the lower profits. Copper and aluminum is the most important raw materials, wire and cable production their prices rise and fall, decides the profit of wire and cable companies. At the same time, from the perspective of the structure of copper demand at present in our country, the electric power industry accounted for the largest, more than %, is mainly used for electric wire electric cable, transformer, switches, connectors, etc. Demand for copper wire and cable in case of accounts for more than % of electric power industry. Therefore, the development of wire and cable industry will undoubtedly affect the copper demand and price. Grid jinping downstream industry secretary put forward China's economy is the new normal for the first time in years, the current policy is advantageous to the construction of uhv, state grid in planning the route is expected to drive more than one hundred million yuan investment, the state grid also intends to use 'area' promote the construction of ultra-high voltage, so in the future five years is the golden development period of uhv industry, wire and cable companies will also benefit. Recently, foreign well-known CNMN research site. Com reported, in the future, China will enter the golden age of ultrahigh pressure development, which makes the development of Chinese wire and cable market in % of the annual. With the 'sea' high-speed rail traffic, and the continuous improvement of the urban rail transit, this is for rolling stock yarn, winding wire, cable, provide market data transmission cables, etc. Combined with our country highway and railway will gradually enter the informationization, the demand for fiber optic cable is also increasing, wire and cable companies. The magnitude of the offshore wind development of wind power from years of 'orderly development of wind power' across to the years of 'developing wind power'. Wind power is expected to rise as a future carry tripods main body status of national energy structure adjustment. The offshore wind power as an important part of wind power project, rising demand will drive the submarine cable. Plus special cables for offshore wind technology content is higher, also will make wire and cable companies continue to develop new technology, enhance competitiveness. In addition, as such as new energy vehicles, such as photovoltaic (pv) of new energy industry, real estate industry, the development of nuclear power, aviation, communications and other industries, they will become more and more demand for the wire and cable, and the development of these industries, will also have a profound effect on wire and cable industry.
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