Wire and cable industry development and extensive is quantity not quality

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry development and extensive is quantity not quality zhdljyw P wire and cable industry has developed rapidly, our country at present, the scale of wire and cable production has more than $, as electric power development of supporting industries, is the second largest in the machinery industry in the automotive industry, and because the wire and cable is widely used in electricity, energy, transportation, its development status directly affect the operation of the national economy development. In today's world has to the outbreak of the network era, all kinds of Internet of things the allied countries around the world, all walks of life in China have been in the Internet era of big data. Our thinking to transcend reality in line with the world and the universe, must have the penta-ocean catch turtles, the spirit of nine days to travel. Our satellite precise positioning, has been able to capture all kinds of satellites, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology, the industrial revolution. Era has come. Intelligent wear, a new generation of service robots. Innovation development of chip technology needs to be high, refined, sharp special wire and cable because it is one of the important blood all equipment engineering, transportation hub, so you need to wire and cable business, precise seriously out of conventional bondage, in the vast universe to make due contributions. Cable industry insiders pointed out that 'should not only see the level of China's wire and cable output, more should pay attention to the quality and quantity of wire and cable enterprises, and more uniform at the thought that the development of Chinese wire and cable industry due to excessive in vulgar, are faced with a' big but not strong 'the difficult situation. Xia Dechang to analyze the causes, and which aspects are particularly important:. Industrial concentration is not high. The cable industry refers to state-owned industrial enterprises and some enterprises above designated size, almost % is small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises only, the only accounts for the large enterprise products. % of the market. 。 Industrial development is not yet mature. Overall, the current development of wire and cable industry in China is still in the 'quantity' of low stage of development, wire and cable products in the domestic market competition is fierce, the serious shortage of international market competition ability, many companies at the expense of good quality at low price competition and disorderly competition. 。 The notion of interests should work. The current overall level and the quality and safety of wire and cable industry development stage, technical progress and market development degree level is closely related to the root cause or some enterprises lack the quality credibility, give up the quality and safety responsibility, pursuit of low-cost low-quality competition, deliberately cut corners, deliberately evade regulation, at the expense of quality 'to' market profit. 。 Developing power shortage. % above the capacity of cable industry focus on low-end products, the average % of the sales on research and development funds inadequacy, aerospace and other high-end products to domestic support, satisfaction, mainly rely on import. Wire and cable industry r&d is insufficient, lack of high-quality talent, technology innovation ability are relatively weak.
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