Wire and cable industry 2014 press conference held in Beijing

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Annual 10 press conference held in Beijing in the trade of wire and cable heibaocjp P, February 2nd annual wire and cable industry top ten news conference held in Beijing. As the guide wire and cable industry annual conference 'barometer', attracts many experts, scholars and senior media person involved. Conference attending leaders, guests, media photos for wire and cable industry is closely watched for a year. To comb the field of wire and cable big event of the year, standardize the industry development, in the south cable network, cable network and cable online for the first time jointly launched the 'wire and cable industry ten big news of the year' selection activities. Selection have strong support from the experts, media and Internet, they put together out of the idea of the top ten news. On behalf of the Beijing organisers BaiGuangSen policy state information technology co. , LTD. President said in his speech, wire and cable industry has always been regarded as 'big but not strong' industry, and in the past year, have a lot of inspiring, motivating industry event in the positive energy, to product quality improvement, leading the industrial upgrading has the vital significance. International business vice President KouYaNan in conference speech, fully affirmed the '10 big news' a far-reaching impact on industry development. Wire and cable industry, he thought, although in the stage of excess production capacity, but the market potential is very great, hope the industry work together to push the wire and cable industry from the world's manufacturing shift to 'think tank' of the world. China quality news editor in general as a special guest, standing in the perspective of media affirmed the 'top ten news' selection to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. He encouraged all wire and cable industry media to better fulfill the responsibility of the media industry -- Typical report, hot spot guidance and social supervision, speak well 'China story'. The Chinese quality network host announced her 'wire and cable industry ten big news of the year,' the conference to a climax. Bao sheng shares into the top ten news: China aviation electromechanical system, the mean of ce bond with guosen bidding group signed a strategic agreement, guosen international and Chinese quality network cable channels and running, the State Council issued rectification action required to carry out the cable products, han cable kV crosslinking cable used in Beijing haidian district power transmission and transformation project success, the far east cable renamed wisdom energy, new technology of aluminum alloy cable among the state grid corporation directory ( Edition) ', the far east business treasure in the first three quarters of revenue. Million, optical cable chamber of commerce in jiangsu province will be bidding early-warning prompt work forward, heng kone line first blowing type optical fiber composite low voltage cables. Conference, all the guests and media views, has made a wonderful reviews, to every news just in wire and cable industry development trend.
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