Wire and cable in to speed up the central city planning of Beijing

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Wire and cable in to Beijing to speed up the central city planning sanewcable P in the 12th five-year plan should speed up the central city planning integration, especially within the 3rd ring road planning integration, to demolition of old village, moved to outer urban planning within the third ring road, effectively integrate resources. , at the same time take advantage of geographical areas in Beijing, will be around Beijing city full of development, guiding, make its fully integrated into the capital on the overall strategic development, further promote the economic development of surrounding cities. '' for the sake of our common homeland more beautiful Beijing, support the government's work, to the east, west, xuan, four old 'village and the wire into the street; Our neighborhood of all sorts of wires are in the above, have been discarded and no one to dismantle, appear very disorderly, want the government to put this on urban planning, the village of wire and cable into the ground. In the street, north west 4th one to eight are transformed, the wire into the ground, feel very good, clap a photo is also very clean, a lot of places without modification, line is much and mixed and disorderly, best can transform into various lines into the ground. 'Renovation of the old city of key landscape conservation' north altar wall is the ancient temple of agriculture, and its wall of the east and south of the altar, a lack of meters, are not secure, and a wall on the top of the wooden eaves are plagued by weathered. To protect it, please. '' I think, the temple of heaven as a landmark building in Beijing, the surrounding should be a beautiful environment. Just like the temple of heaven the north wall, should put the walls of the temple of heaven fully exposed, reflects her majesty, because she is on behalf of Beijing, and even on behalf of the Chinese! Happened in reform is successful, beautiful environment! We, as the inhabitants of the temple of heaven in the south also believes that the government can settle in the south the temple of heaven, a beautiful environment and the temple of heaven! '' the top of bead in xuanwu district west street road, bungalows low, old, and the top of bead area environment uncoordinated, transform the top of bead in xuanwu district west street, please. '' gallery surrounding environment: art gallery, the surrounding environment and brilliant art gallery is build, opposite of those sales art supplies store can be unified construction, and gallery crossing southwest mouth and beach road to the west that a place wants the government to consider the environment. 'Old Beijing city planning experts and scholars: Beijing water transportation planning draw lessons from foreign capital' Wei Qiyu comrades and I are eighty-four years old this year. Such as planning, the capital of water transport in the certain position. We are both professor, attachment reflects some years ago. I wonder if the original is engaged in the planning of people who still alive? 'Make Beijing a more lasting appeal: it is recommended that the second ring road will be built into the wall to the second type' Beijing ancient city wall due to historical reasons disappeared, infuriating. Now Beijing without walls like what is missing, as if not quite of the ancient of Beijing today. I know impossible rehabilitation of the ancient city walls, in order not to regret, let the ancient Beijing recommendations will be built into the wall to the second type second ring road, long on the side of the road on both sides of the fence to the ancient city wall and top of the ( Gray brick wall) 。 Crossing the bridge, the left and the right of all to change gray brick wall, the crossing the bridge on the words 'AnDingMen' to switch to the ancient calligraphy carved stone. This feeling the wall type + various ancient buildings within the second ring road (to the second ring road Hutong, etc. ) 'Complete' this better than without walls. Outside the second ring road can be modernized. “www。 sanewcable。 com
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