Wire and cable in China Marine 08 painted painted painted painted GDP amounted to 40 million u

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Wire and cable in China Marine production amounted to do u u u u u xiaoye P in China Marine cable presents a good growth in gross domestic product (GDP), is expected to continue in the next few years steady growth, the exuberant demand period into the cable. The productivity of China's Marine cable has reached a quite high level, but the demand is still rising. Forecasts, wire and cable industry in China in the year before last century will be effected according to the growth of % ~ %, so in the future a period of time, wire and cable will have an exuberant demand period. As people's emphasis on safety, environmental and other factors, the influence of the rolling stock cable and cable of nuclear power station with cable and other special application more and more get the welcome of people. At present, our country traditional wire and cable market competition situation has been in full swing, in the special cable market, however, face almost vacant. Face the are the development of the market, how to seize the domestic manufacturers need to consider problems, maybe, because develop the Chinese market has become the general cable manufacturers at home and abroad is an important component of marketing strategy. The article reprinted in: HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/new。 asp吗? Id = [xiaoye edited]
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