Wire and cable in 70, the service life of the new standard and property right

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] The service life of the wire and cable in the new standard and property right synchronous zhdljyw P recently, the ministry review smoothly through the building wire and cable in jinan two recommended national standards and regulations for the first time the service life of the wire and cable is not lower than years. New standard cable clear requirements buildings more than meters high civil buildings must use A grade low smoke zero halogen flame retardant wire and cable. And in the major construction, also use environmental protection cable force. Since the beginning of the year, our country the construction of a large number of commodity house began to change the way of wiring from the open wire to wiring, the domestic wires due to factors such as technology, processes, materials, only in national standard product service life. Years of building life, years of building property right and wire and cable in life seriously out of sync, hidden trouble also. Due to cable insulation ageing in normal operation, if you use more than prescribed, would be likely to cause leakage, fire and other safety accidents. But due to the cable price is higher, to save costs, many houses and roads power cable are used too much and now due to cable 'extended' or inferior cable fire accident has caused. At the same time, under the drive of interests, some enterprises began to ignore the raw materials into the factory in order to save cost, some even deliberately use inferior raw material, and the inferior cable sheath life only for nonconforming product /! Inferior product life is short, the problem is much, usually in the running period of years to get into accidents, some become the fire accident in directly, meet emergencies consequence is unimaginable. Since the last century s, our country new volume accounts for about half the world each year. The reason that the wire and cable standards in areas for construction, mainly solving the problem of product life, durability, with buildings. Cable to the new standards, building height more than meters of high-rise buildings and lower than m civil buildings, such as a certain scale hospitals, public places of entertainment, underground shopping mall, library, station, supermarket, terminal building, office building, etc. , should at least use smokeless and low halogen flame retardant cable. Today, two standards used in wire and cable through ministry of examination, wire and cable service life not less than years, for the first time synchronization with years property home life. New standard cable after the fire power saving and durable performance of wire and cable will be more decorate owner and real estate development enterprises to choose. In wire and cable, on the basis of quality improvement, users can comfortably enjoy more power to bring the convenience of life, not only that, in the new national standard after the older cable will be real estate development enterprises choose life, long life span cable will be cable companies a big opportunity.
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