Wire and cable, copper rod production enterprise needs to reduce starts fell

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Wire and cable, copper rod production enterprise needs to reduce starts fell dghaotong P this research chose the house located in Yangtze river delta region of copper rod production enterprise and distribution around the national wire and cable manufacturing enterprise questionnaire. According to reporter understanding, in the boom of wire and cable/copper rod industry is higher. Due to years of trillions of investment projects in the finishing touches, and in the second half of the national grid ( Weibo) With the strengthening of investment, wire and cable demand increase. And trillions of the early stage of the investment project this year end, combined with the decline in housing construction, the state power grid investment declined, wire and cable reduced demand. Concentration is not high, wire and cable enterprise scattered around the country. Last year the national wire ( Copper rod) The total output. Ten thousand tons, the research of wire and cable/copper rod companies for copper rod production. Ten thousand tons, accounting for % of the total copper rod production last year, last year, companies consumption of ten thousand tons of copper rod, copper rod production last year. %。 A questionnaire according to the feedback of the enterprise, by investigation of wire and cable enterprise decline % capacity this year than last year, but still have the problem of excess production capacity. Most of the enterprise's product line has not changed, has no intention to expand produces the enterprise more than the expansion of enterprises, have already intend to business for the purposes of inverse city expansion. Enterprise starts from a rebound, mainly due to the traditional consumption season to come. Most of enterprises think downstream consumption reduced, and thus in the purchase of raw materials adopt on-demand procurement strategy, keep low inventory levels of raw materials. In product sales, most of the backlog of inventory in a certain degree of enterprise products, some enterprises even willing to depreciate sales promotion. Most of the enterprise to the copper market outlook is not optimistic, and said he would consider purchasing raw materials when copper prices fell. Affected more by the boom of large enterprises by the industry, product inventory backlog, the raw material inventory reduction, starts falling. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been affected more by their own business strategy, starts have significant difference. Information source: dongguan HaoTong wire and cable co. , LTD
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