Wire and cable - Breakthrough in China nuclear power with the production difficulty

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Wire and cable breakthrough in our country, the nuclear power by production difficulties xiaoye P has been successful breakthrough in our country at present nuclear power with wire and cable manufacturing difficulties, produced a truly belong to China's nuclear power with wire and cable products, the production technology of this product is mainly in the two years of vigorous market driven development progress. In the production of wire cables for nuclear power in China has been in a relatively lagging position, in the country, the products meet the application requirements of enterprises and nearly 10, but even the real performance is not much, the main reason is that the market capacity is small, can only be accounted for % ~ % of the total amount of wire and cable market. Many companies see the market prospect of nuclear power with wire and cable is a hug and light, without being aware of the importance of original research and development, make nuclear power with the technology development of wire and cable as rootless duckweed. Nuclear power with wire and cable market in China has emerged as a blundering mood. At present domestic security certification system is not standard, no clear provisions of the state certification institutions, can be many assessments and invite relevant personnel to attend as a private, actual behavior belongs to the people. Lack of technical appraisal norms also make nuclear power with wire and cable manufacturing enterprises in China do not take the product research and development, and informal the low price competition of the enterprise, virtually reduced the electric wire electric cable psychological pricing, which affects the normal company research and development. The entire industry is to a vicious circle. Although with the development of the market, China's nuclear power with wire and cable production capacity increased, but this is far cannot satisfy the needs of the development of the regularization that represents the relevant institutions and enterprises of our country in this area will continue to work hard. Want to know more details, please click: HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/new。 asp吗? id=
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