Wind power plate & quot; Blustery & quot; High-end wind power cable for research and development

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Wind power plate & quot; Blustery & quot; High-end wind power cable for r&d ckluo P this article reprinted from 【 The south cable network] Wind power generation technology originated in Europe, the global wind power market in the 1990 s began with an annual % above high-speed growth development, years down slightly with the European market is saturated. Years later, development into a new round of global wind power market peak. It is predicted that in the wind power installed capacity will reach around the world. Million kilowatts, wind power will account for % of the world's electricity supply. According to estimates, this means that the %, on average, the main driver of growth, from Asia and the americas. China's vast, long coastline, abundant wind resources. Total reserves for domestic meters altitude wind resources. Million kilowatts, which can be about the development and utilization. Million kilowatts. But slower wind power industry development in our country, the industry a turning point from years of rising energy prices and policies to promote. As fossil fuels such as coal, oil prices rose rapidly, the renewable energy law, energy conservation and emissions reduction policy enacted, wind power market demand rapid growth. By the end of the year, the Chinese mainland to build a wind farm, the installation of wind farm groups, units, with a total installed capacity of, kilowatts, first in the world, the first in Asia. But the wind energy development and utilization level is not high, still only accounts for the land use wind energy. %. We maintain the basic preliminary view of wind power equipment industry: domestic wind power investment 'their' drive wind power equipment needs. Is expected in the domestic wind power cumulative installed capacity, kilowatts, about a new power capacity kilowatts, % growth; Fan equipment supply stable quality, major manufacturers capacity nervous, in the years to delivery all the current orders; the megawatt fan market, foreign products occupy a higher market share; fan accessories supply bottlenecks, the supply chain is expected to be in the years to break the bottleneck. At present, our country for being an important component of wind power for the development of wind power cable is almost blank, a large number of high-end cable products to be imported, domestic only a few, such as tianjin angel prysmian cable co. , LTD. , on research and development, such as high-end wind cable localization way, this is still a must has drawn great attention of domestic cable company. Because of the bad environment of wind power generation, fan, use fixed number of year and requires a long, and the cable with the fan rotation, therefore, have special request for cable structure, import cable is expensive, research and development of domestic wind power cable is an urgent task facing the Chinese wire and cable enterprise. Generator stator using ultra-high voltage cable, round cable will replace the rectangular copper platoon, can make the generator interconnection without transformer, so as to reduce the cost. In accordance with the principle of optimization design, the large motor stator core type slot for rectangular groove, and the coil or bar and select the rectangular cross section, in order to improve the rate of tank full. However this kind of rectangular cross section conductor of the electric field intensity along the distribution is around the range, its four corner at KV/mm, and the four straight part is only KV/mm. This will lead to large waste of the insulating material. With a circular cross section of the cable does not exist the problem, the electric field intensity distribution. Fundamentally eliminate the Angle field intensity focused, uneven thickness of insulation and thinning. Can use the electric field intensity from the reform. KV/mm to KV/mm. This round cable with industrialized mass production with cross-linked polyethylene insulation, lower cost, and the voltage is up to KV, many factors affect the voltage selection, such as power grid connection, local regulation rules, the unit shows that the maximum wind power output, the distance to the site, the impact on the environment, etc. Generator output voltage increase to the level of high voltage grid, is no longer a step-up transformer grid. Round cable for generator in don't need the metal shell shielding, though they all use the same materials and solid extrusion insulation technology, with a market popular standard parts. Round cable structure features are: cable insulation by inside half an electrical conductor, solid insulation material ( Composed of crosslinked polyethylene) Composition, outer semiconductive layer. Insulating materials with single wire layered wringer, including a Central Line, in its centered on the straight line layout each layer around the circle around ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ wire, ( And wires, forming a layer of wire) Twist twist, the layers of wire in the opposite direction. The outermost layer, or layer outer conductor cable out of ground zero position, its advantage is around contemplating the group inside there will be no partial discharge and corona discharge voltage, induction are along the winding was contemplating contemplating the group by zero gradually rose to power grid voltage, along the winding contemplating the length exist in different electric field intensity, after calculation, the contemplating the group's first turn around doing fine point, to gradually thickening on successive turn insulation method, which requires to produce cable with different diameter to make around contemplating the group, but also improved the space utilization of iron core. Contemplating the electric cable is around the whole root, no joint in the middle.
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