WI - FI embedded pole boost speeds

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] WIFI implanted pole boost speeds zhdljyw P about national network, good place in the Shanghai area is second to none, no doubt, however, even in the network flow with high degrees of Shanghai, general public about Internet use satisfaction is not high. Recently, the Shanghai via letter committee said the index to improve the speed as the livelihood of the people, the first priority to do considering the WiFi hotspot implanted into the telegraph pole to improve urban network. Shanghai megalopolis in China, the international economic and financial trade and shipping center, has a strategic position in national Internet development. No matter from space, large aircraft, and other areas of the of the nation's lifeblood, or strategic emerging industries from all walks of life, how ground form Internet thinking, drive the development of new technologies, new industries and new forms, is a leading position in China. Now, in the 'Shanghai electric business atmosphere aside, speeds are short of requirements. Do you have pressure? 's question, 'the letter said Li Yaoxin, director of the committee of Shanghai pressure has always been, but have more confidence, the ma worm, positive manifests the Shanghai municipal government on the Internet to hug the determination, the driven of the municipal party committee, the committee letter, together with various functional departments to' Internet + 'landing in Shanghai. In order to improve the speed of the city, Shanghai will consider in dense network site through the street lamp platform promotion network signals, according to the letter committee, then do not increase the density of acer station, although acer stood a large can cover a few tens of kilometers of tower standing, but it decreased speed. And have found a carrier, not on the residents of the house, but the street lamps. All network intensive site to use this platform to improve the quality of network and feel the degrees, but still need a process. Shanghai via letter committee under the leadership of the municipal party committee municipal government jointly with big operators and various functional departments, depending on each area county together, take the lead in the next speeds up, charges by the market economy to solve. Meanwhile, Li Yaoxin says, free hot now in phase switch, because the network congestion situation, caused the people feel is not good, the future will consider the WiFi hotspot implanted into the telegraph pole to enhance the bandwidth.
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