Whole batching control system

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Batching control system whole joyu P ingredients is a major means of automation control system, its direct involvement in case, can make the production process or other process or reservation procedures according to expectation rule control system. Our country industrial automatic batching control system after years of development, has made great progress. S, especially the century industrial automatic batching control system of equipment manufacturing industry production keep growing year % above. Industrial control automation technology is to develop in the direction of intelligent, network and integration. Good prospects for development based on industrial automation control, well-grounded, industrial automatic batching control system device manufacturing industry is expected to market will be more than $one hundred million. Domestic batching control system have been in the field of rubber, feed, chemical fertilizer made breakthrough progress. Industrial control system principle and process of industrial control machine is the core of the control system, the weighing instrument detecting various weighing signal, the industrial computer with a debugger via a serial port card weighing instrument for communication, reading each weighing, travel switch signal input module to industrial control by PLC, according to a set of production parameters and formula control PLC output module ( Used to control the contactor, intermediate relay, solenoid valve start-stop) 。 When start the ingredients, according to a set of production, formulation and control parameter to control the ground dragon feed, small scale mixer switch, door material oil additive signals, etc. Ingredients can realize fast speed, inching, linkage, and other functions. Raw materials and formula can be set in advance in its corresponding function module, when detected some material in each switch failure or system automatic alarm prompt. In addition, the system has automatic detection mixer is open, whether to allow the function such as feeding buffer storehouse. Production data by industrial control computer store and produce all kinds of statements, comprehensive query can be printed. Control system process intent as follows: in the industrial automation market, mismatch between supply and demand. Need is a complete client can meet its electric control system of manufacturing process, products and suppliers are various standardized device. Different industry, electrical control difference is very big, even the same industry as a result of their respective process of different customer demand also have very big difference. The contradiction between the supply and demand for industrial automation industry to create the space for development.
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