Who is analysed in promoting the power cable industry demand

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Who is analysed in promoting the power cable industry demand SXXLJT P in fact as early as two years, China and the United States between the two brother big greenhouse gas emissions superpower has signed an agreement to reduce emissions, in China's commitment to the implementation can renewable energy accounted for the proportion of its total energy structure will hit %. That is to say when the years, China will be at least gigawatts of new emission-free electricity, also means that within this period of time, China's power generation, transmission, distribution and so on all areas of the market demand of power cable will also continue to increase. Between expected from year to year, China's power cable growth will be more than %. Besides can regenerate energy density increases, the development of the smart grid and electric power which will promote the reform of China's power cable market demand constantly stable growth. The smart grid will be a fully automated power transmission network, able to monitor and control each user and each grid node, guarantee from the power plant to the end user all the nodes in the process of the entire transmission and distribution between information and bidirectional power flow. In fact in the early years, China is already the world's biggest power consumer, accumulated about electricity. Million kilowatt hour. According to this view, predicted years, doubling on the whole of China's power consumption will be implemented, such as when the years is to achieve the current three times? In order to meet market demand of such a huge power cable, ensure the stability of electric power, power can be safely arrived in homes, China is now in the deployment of a strong smart grid network. International market research firm, a senior fellow at the thought, 'China's continuing urbanization and distributed grid development will provide great opportunities for the development of smart grid. Predicted by the end of the year, China's urban population will reach. Hundred million. Growing urban population and the Chinese government continues to promote the popularization of new energy vehicles are in demand means that the power cable market will continue to fast growth. At the same time, emphasis on clean energy and efforts to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction will strengthen China's demand for smart grid. 'For a long time, China's power transmission and distribution market is dominated by two state-owned monopolies, are China's state grid company and southern power grid company. In fact is at the time of year, SGC has super % grid network in China, the retail electricity market share nearly %. Southern power grid, on the other hand, the market has nearly % grid network, retail electricity market share is about %. Two big power monopoly of state-owned enterprises in the field of power transmission and distribution is obvious. Because of this, just at the time of year, China announced a thorough implementation of electricity, power cable end the monopoly of the market demand. End users can also directly with power suppliers for price negotiation. That is to say, power suppliers can through regional electric power trading platform to the end user to sell electricity. The implementation of the electric change also means that China's electricity market competition will be increasingly fierce, will continue to promote the market and product innovation, it will also promote the development of China's distribution field, so as to promote people's demand for power cable market growth.
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