Where is AAA factory located?
Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd.always considers communicating through phone calls or video chat the most time-saving yet convenient way, so we welcome your call for asking for the detailed factory address. Or we've displayed our e-mail address on the website, you are free to write an E-mail to us about the factory address. We promise that we will send detailed address information with the company address and factory address included in the replies back to you as soon as possible. The factory is located in a place with convenient transportation, which allows customers to have the easiest access to it.

AAA has been performing well in developing and manufacturing heat resistant wire. We are reputable in China after serving the market for years. building cable is the main product of AAA . It is diverse in variety. AAA aerial bundled cable price involves a wide range of in-depth tests including analyzing both the chemical and physical properties of the electrode materials used. The product has the advantage of excellent flexibility. This product has excellent softness. The fabric is chemically treated with chemical softener to absorb the hard material on the surface of the fabric. The product contains no halogen, which makes it environmental-friendly.

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