Where in the world difficult to develop the new energy

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Where in the world to develop new energy globledata P two sessions this year on the eve of the dome under blew up environmental protection topic, this topic has become the focus of discussion in the two sessions. Although advocates the development of new energy in China's unprecedented in recent years, but still difficult to shake the absolute energy status of the thermal power. Where is difficult to develop new energy? To solve the problem of environmental protection, developing new energy is an inevitable trend. But at the moment is given priority to with solar power, wind power new energy in our country, the proportion of energy consumption is still relatively low. 。 / KV plastic insulated power cable in the itu statistics show that in the grid wind power and grid solar electricity million kilowatt hour and million kilowatt hour, respectively, year-on-year growth, respectively. % and %, which accounts for the proportion of national output increase over the previous year, respectively. And. Two percentage points. Year is solar power promoting the year, countries intensive opened the domestic pv market release photovoltaic supporting policy, pv companies turn to the domestic market, but the ideal is very plentiful, reality is bone feeling '. The National Energy Administration, according to the data published in all new grid for photovoltaic solar energy. GW。 Leave the GW released by the National Energy Administration and larger gap. Solar power seemingly infinite prospect of the future, but the financial gap is big, subsidies under slow and electricity problems become the three major bottleneck of China pv industry development. YaKuan much, in addition, the low bid, collection cycle is long, become a solar energy barriers to the development of the enterprise. In wind power, under the new market and policy environment, China's wind power has become the third largest after thermal power, water and electricity main power supply. Although the so-called third, however industry big but not strong, abandon the wind electricity without improvement, the problems such as weak profitability is still choked 'seven inches' in the development of China's wind power. The personage inside course of study says, wind power, solar power generation are now turned into a high investment. Wind power per kilowatt cost wants yuan, the solar power generation 89000 yuan per kw. Even though the cost is, than the thermal power unit ( Power generation) Is much higher, thermal power two times. For investors, the profitability of bony more pain. Wind power equipment manufacturing in the entire investment accounted for % %, that is to say, the electricity price of wind power % % is equipment manufacturing ( Costs) , the proportion is % and % of solar energy. Wind, fan manufacturing profits fell sharply now, so that investors have no incentive to make new investments and projects. Under the goals and tasks of national energy conservation and emissions reduction, the National Energy Administration is working on new energy sources, including wind, solar, development road map, address new energy development bottleneck. As an important clean energy, China's wind power, solar power generation industry is flourishing, the future development has a long way.
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