When the cable construction matters should be paid attention to

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Cable matters should be paid attention to during the construction of xianlan P cable line fault has common mechanical damage, be affected with damp be affected with damp of insulation damage, insulation, insulation aging metamorphism, overvoltage, cable overheating fault, etc. When circuit fault occur, will be cut off the power supply of the cable failure, to find fault point, the fault inspection and analysis, and then repair and test of the mutilation of mutilation, after being fault elimination, can restore power. Buried cable line what safety requirements? Buried cable line of the safety requirements are: cable cross each other *, high voltage cable should be at the bottom of the low voltage cable. If one of the cable before and after m within the scope of intersections in the pipe protection or separated by partition, for the minimum allowable distance. m。 , cable and heat pipe near or *, such as heat insulation measures, parallel and pay * minimum distance, respectively. M and. m。 , cable, and railway or road / * should wear protection, protection tube should be out of track or road m outside. , the distance between cable and building foundation, should be able to guarantee the cable buried outside the building aproll; Cable entry building should wear pipe protection, protection tube should also be beyond aproll outside buildings. , directly buried cables between general earthing device grounding should be apart. ~. m; Directly buried cables buried depth, generally should not be less than. M and shall be buried under the permafrost.
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