What's behind the nylon products boiled

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] What's behind the nylon products boiled benefits qybee P generally nylon material easy bibulous, contain hydrophilic group ( Acyl amino) , nylon ( PA) , nylon ( PA) , is a crystalline thermoplastic material; For crystalline polymer in the injection molding processing, very rapid cooling make material can not be natural crystal shape, so that the internal stress of material within the stronger. Without 'tempering' processing of the nylon material, its internal because after finalize the design, macromolecular will tend to the movement of natural orientation, crystallization, which can lead to material intensifying internal stress. Without water, therefore, process of nylon brittleness is bigger, under external force, it is easy to fall off or broken. Nylon boiled the best temperature and time: - ℃, - hours. Below, the result is bad, more than hour, also won't have better results. S get together learn to get together petrochemical learning guangdong guangdong petrochemical petrochemical co. , LTD. , with annual output of ten thousand tons of environmentally friendly flame retardant modified plastic production capacity, with halogen free flame retardant thermoplastic environmental protection and halogen-free flame retardant engineering plastics, halogen-free flame retardant materials and flame retardant polyurethane elastomer masterbatch series more than varieties such as brand products. Products are widely used in lighting, household appliances, OA equipment, IT, communication, electronics, electrical appliances, building materials, wire and cable and other industries. Guangdong petrochemical study has nearly a research and development personnel and a research and development team, focusing on the halogen free flame retardant modified plastics industry, integrating the upstream and downstream of the flame retardants and flame retardant plastic, with a strong professional technical research and development and cost competitiveness. If you are interested in above zero halogen flame retardant PP or have any questions, please click on contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call:, poly petrochemical learn - — You close the way manufacturing experts
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