What requirements should be met for the use of robot cables?

by:AAA     2020-03-02
The cable used by the robot has high requirements. It not only has strong signal transmission capability, but also has good wear resistance and other characteristics, so as to ensure the robot to play a better role. Many people don't know about robot cables, so let's find out what requirements robot cables have? One. The signal ability is strong, and the robot mainly works according to the instructions sent by the computer. However, how the computer signal can be transmitted to the robot mainly depends on the cable. If the cable quality is good, then the transmitted signal time is short and very accurate, but if the quality of the cable used is not good, it will definitely affect the signal transmission, can not let the robot work immediately, execute the command. Two. Good wear resistance, good wear resistance is the requirement that the robot cable must meet, because the cable will be damaged for a long time. If the wear resistance of the cable is not good, it will definitely affect the internal stranded wire, so that the robot can not be used normally, and at the same time, it will also produce safety hazards. Therefore, the robot cable selected for use must have good wear resistance. Three. Long service life, the use of the robot cable life to be long, only the service life of the cable, in order to save resources, improve work efficiency. Cables with long service life are the first choice for enterprises. If enterprises need robot cables, it is the key to choose cables with long service life, so as to meet the use requirements. If the robot cable can meet the above three requirements, then such a cable must be suitable for robots. However, if the cable cannot meet the above requirements, it must not meet the requirements of the robot. If the inferior cable is used, it will not only affect the use of the robot, but also cause damage to the robot and cannot play its role.
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