What points cannot be ignored in the selection of robot cables?

by:AAA     2020-03-24
Most people's impression of robot cables is limited to assembling robots, but in fact, robot cables are not only a small part of applications of assembling robots, in addition to this, it is also widely used in other fields, such as automatic production lines, construction projects, cranes, excavators and underwater detection projects. The reason why robot cables can be widely used is mainly because the cable has outstanding performance attributes, soft cable material, superior tensile performance, easy bending and strong recovery performance, the cable can recover by itself when it is bent in a certain state in a short time without causing local necrosis of the cable, let alone affecting the later use of the cable. The development in all walks of life has accelerated the demand for robot cables, making various types of robot cables appear in the cable market, which has both advantages and disadvantages for consumers. The advantage lies in the wide selectivity, you can choose the cable that suits your needs, but on the other hand, the cable model is more, and the product type will become miscellaneous under normal circumstances, which will be a great challenge for users to choose the right cable. In view of this, the following is a brief introduction to the selection of robot cables: 1. Clear use function. For any consumer, when purchasing cables, be sure to know clearly what is worth buying? What is the actual application of cable? On the basis of these, the purchase requirements are clearly defined, and the parameters and functions of various aspects of the cable are understood in detail through the cable specification. The general robot cable has the following advantages: ① wear resistance, using high-efficiency composite material to improve the impedance of the friction force of the cable during use; (2) pressure resistance, which can be seen from the recovery performance of the cable; (3) good tensile effect; 2. Test the stretching function of the cable. As long as the cable with ordinary cost performance is in a oppressed environment for a long time, the induction ability of a certain place of the cable will continue to decrease, resulting in serious stretching of the metal wire, as a result, the transportation performance of the cable is weakened. In view of this situation, I hope that your friends will not ignore the test of the tensile function; To sum up, the small partners who need the robot cable should start from the above three points during the selection of the cable, build on their own needs, and clarify the use function, avoid buying back the cable is not consistent with the actual application, in addition to the need to increase the cable stretching function testing, this is one of the necessary work, cables with inadequate tensile properties certainly cannot meet the needs of practical applications.
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